Liberty & Co. x Super Sunglasses

August 19, 2009

A brand that has made interesting deliveries as of late, thanks to collaborations on a street level, including footwear with Nike Sportswear, and now Super, Britain’s Liberty & Co. and their well-known floral patterns and prints make the jump to eyewear form. Seen in three different patterns, the eyewear is available exclusively at the Liberty & Co. flagship store.

I love seeing Liberty & Co. venture into new territory by creating a collaborative eyewear frame with Super. Seeing these two groups come together and add their own expertise is something that all eyewear consumers can be excited for.

Check out more detailed shots and colorways after the break.

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Common Projects x Moscot Matte Sunglasses

August 16, 2009

Finally seeing an official release, is the collaborative project between premier footwear specialists, Common Projects, who have since begun producing accessories, including eyewear, and the leading eyewear team, Moscot. Taking on the classic wayfarer look, these shades feature a matte black finish with glossy tonal detailing and the minimalistic branding usually associated with Common Projects. These glasses are now available through Oki-Ni,with a retail price tag of $361.

With a simplistic marketing tactic, Common Projects releases some of the summer’s best eyewear pieces. I love the simplicity of the matte black sunglasses, along with the classic wayfarer aesthetics.

Check out another shot of the sunglasses by Common Projects after the break.

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Mosley Tribes x Hellz Bellz Spring 2010 Sunglasses

July 22, 2009

Today I have the opportunity to give you an interesting first look at an upcoming collaboration between Mosley TribesHellz Bellz.  It seems as if the two brands worked on two pairs of sunglasses for Spring 2010, one coming in a classic brown, and the other one in a black/red colorway. Apparently the “nose bridge” is removable, but more on that once I receive a closer to the release, so stay tuned.

For anyone who is a fanatic over accessories, especially glasses, these sunglasses are made particularly for you. I love the design of the frames, seeing that both pairs mix a flat top frame and thick arms, coming in fresh colorways. Personally, I would rather wear the classic brown, but the black/red colorway has its perks. Thoughts?

More images of the Mosley Tribes x Hellz Bellz Sunglasses follow after the break.

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Maison Martin Margiela Visor Sunglasses

July 17, 2009

Pushing the boundaries of eyewear design, a recent Martin Margiela eyewear release features an innovative and interesting aviator appropriation. The sunglasses feature an aviator anatomy, but the obvious difference comes with the one piece lens. A small top bar adds another detail to the original eyewear piece. These glasses are now available at Colette.

I have featured many sunglasses on this blog, but these are the first of their kind. In terms of originality, design, uniqueness, and the way these frames transcend the “popular” style as of lately, these glasses have my undivided attention at the moment. I love these frames, but are you feeling them?

Beams x Oakley Frogskins

July 3, 2009

While there’s no denying the popularity in Oakley’s classic Frogskins, as of late I have seen a prevalent trend towards people utilizing their iconic frames for their corrective lenses as well. The classic shape of the Frogskins works well regardless of use, as we see Beams release some special frames of their own regardless of the usual sun-protecting lenses. Traditional tortoise shell patterns as well as a simple matte black style are seen with the Oakley logo on the side arm done-up in gradient fashion. The frames are available now at Beams.

Beams x Oakley Frogskins

I am quite the fan this collaboration between Oakley and Beams, especially since these frames utilize a blend of style and utilitarian purposes. These frames uphold Oakley’s aesthetics with Beams’ design traits. Of the two colorways, I am more of a fan of the black matte frames, though the traditional tortoise shell is quite dope. What do you feel about these?

Check out the traditional tortoise frame of the collaboration between Oakley and Beams after the break.

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A Closer Look: Oakley x Grenade Frogskins

June 26, 2009

A while back, I previewed a highly anticipated collaboration between Oakley and Grenade that would feature Oakley’s signature Frogskins sunglass, and today I am giving you a closer look at that collaboration. Snowboard company Grenade team-up with Oakley on their very on Frogskins style. Keeping true to their roots, the brand creates a military green version with appropriately colored lenses. The Grenade logo is printed on the inside arm and comes complete with a Grenade soft-pouch and carbon-fiber case. These shades will be available soon, so stay tuned.

Oakley x Grenade Frogskins

As I have said before, Oakley has been putting out some very dope collaborative Frogskins sunglasses this summer. I do really like the design of these glasses because they are bold, without being too much for the consumer to handle. This pair of glasses could easily become a staple to your summer wardrobe. I dig them, what do you think?

Check out more detailed photos of this collaboration between Oakley and Grenade after the break.

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Electric Detroit Sunglasses

June 25, 2009

If you’re looking to stand out even more than the next guy, then check out the Electric Detroit Sunglasses. If the fun name hasn’t sold you, then maybe then maybe the subtle checkered accents on the inside of the frames paired with the six-base polycarbonate lenses will have you staying stylish and functional; or if you are a Lakers’ fan this is the perfect pair of shades. The shades, made by Electric, the reputable snowboarding sunglass company, are sure to keep you chill with 100% UVA and UVB protection during the sweltering summer months upon us.

Electric Detroit Sunglasses

Though these glasses do not sport the vintage black frame, flat top design, I do love these a lot. The purple and yellow colorway paired with the the subtle checkered accents on the inside of the frames paired with the color of the lenses makes for a very dope pair of shades. Kudos to Electric for these.

You can purchase these sunglasses for $70, here.

Be sure to check out more photos of the Electric Detroit Sunglasses after the break.

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Zanzan Shades

June 23, 2009

The French sunglass line, Zanzan, looks to pay homage to the “beatniks” and “glitterati” of past with their latest collection of limited edition sunglasses. “Inspiration is taken from the cabals of subculture style elites in the ’60s and ’70s, groups that were effortlessly cool and holistically different.” Three models are available for your wearing pleasure, but keep in mind that only 100 units will be released of each model, so stay tuned.

Zanzan Shades

I have known about Zanzan for awhile now, but to me, this is their best piece of work. This line up is luxurious, yet casual and sports a very respectable look, while remaining effortlessly cool. Unlike other accessories lines, I do not have a single favorite, simply because each model has something that I love, whether is be the design of the frame, the tint of the lens, or the thickness of the arms. In my opinion, each of the sunglasses presented by Zanzan hold a look that is very hard to compete with. I am a big fan, what are you thoughts?

Check out more photos of the brand new models by Zanzan after the break.

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Durkl x SabreVision

June 20, 2009

Washington, D.C. lifestyle brand DURKL, has teamed up with SabreVision to produce a limited edition run of co-branded sunglasses. The brands collaborated on the “Psychotic Reaction” model, redoing the shape in 2 unique colorways, yellow/iridescent lenses and blue/fire lenses, with the lenses receiving a subtle DURKL branding as well. The shades will be released in small allocations to both brand’s top accounts, as less than 100 pairs were produced.

DURKL x Sabre

DURKL and Sabre clothing, two of the more fun brands on this Internet, are teaming up on a $96 pair of sunglasses, and in my opinion, the glasses are absolutely fresh. To me, the yellow colorway is the better of the two, but both are unique and pretty dope. I love the boldness of these shades that have been produced by Durkl and SabreVision. Thoughts?

Oakley x Beams Frogskins

June 17, 2009

Here comes another Oakley collaboration on their iconic Frogskin model. This time they get together with Japanese retailer Beams. I absolutely love how they went all classic on these, offering the frames in black and brown with clear lenses. The Frogskins have come in all sorts of crazy color combinations recently and this is a nice balance and alternative to those releases. Stay on the look out for these in Beams stores.

Oakley x Beams Frogskins

Like I mentioned above, these Oakley’s are a very nice balance from the crazy color schemes they have been recently releasing. Though I love the intense color schemes from previous posts, I do love the simplicity of these. To me, both colorways are very classy, and I honestly would not mind having both pairs in my rotation. I love ’em, do you?