[2] Contact

Want to contact me? Well, you can through a facet of ways.

1. [E-Mail] GOODMusic21@aol.com

2. [AIM] GOODMusic21

3. [Facebook] Levi Lorenz

4. [Twitter] Levi Lorenz

5. [MySpace] Levi Lorenz

6. [YouTube] Levi Lorenz

I want to just say, feel free to get ahold of me for whatever reasons you chose. If you’d like to discuss something, ask for more information, ask me to post on something, or etc. please feel free to get ahold of me.

Good day.

4 Responses to [2] Contact

  1. Pedro says:

    hey man just signing up for the contest.

    Full Name: Pedro Jose DuFoe
    Email: Harlemdro21@aol.com

  2. […] Contact Levi Lorenz […]

  3. […] Contact Levi Lorenz […]

  4. Anna Miller says:

    Are you going to the Poets, prophets, preachers conference in MI?
    I am trying to find someone who can allow me to enter the door with them as their “free friend” I wanna go but can’t afford to do it… I’ll be coming from 10 hours away.

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