Casio x Subcrew “We Shock The World”

June 26, 2009

In association with the upcoming Casio G-SHOCK “We Shock The World” campaigns, Hong Kong brand Subcrew and their well-known hat offerings have teamed up to provide the official cap of choice for the campaign. The hats are based on past G-SHOCK colorways done by Subcrew and Casio as part of the Unity collection.


I will admit that I am not too impressed with Subcrew’s work with these snapbacks. Honestly, I would not offer to pay over $15 for one of this simply because they look as if they could be bought at a bodega shop on the corner. However, I will say that I do like the simplicity of the hat, and of course, I appreciate that they sport the snapback feature. If I had to choose from one of the hats above, I’d choose the yellow/blue cap of the red/white cap.

Those are my thoughts, what are yours?

New Era 506 NECJ Bike Cap

May 21, 2009

Based on New Era’s own 506 empire style short-brim cap comes a re-interpretative cycling-inspired version. The 506 NECJ does away with the traditional longer brim with a small multi-colored stripe design seen underneath. The snap-back style in cotton twill comes in a few different colorways such as black, red, blue, purple and yellow.New Era 506 NECJ Bike CapAs I said yesterday, I absolutely love the snap-back style. To me, fitted hats are beginning to become played and snap-backs are beginning to make a re-entrance into fashion and streetwear. The New Era’s mixed with the bold colors mixed with the multi-colored stripe on the underside makes for a deadly combination. This cap is dope. What do you think?

Check out more photos of the cap after the jump.

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Malcom Mclaren x Supreme Apparel Collection

May 20, 2009

In Supreme’s latest collaborative venture, trailblazer Malcom Mclaren takes part in a collection of apparel and footwear featuring hoodies, hats, t-shirts and footwear alongside Vans. A two part video interview also gives Mclaren’s thoughts on the whole music and art scene he was such an integral part of.

Supreme will release a small collection with Malcolm Mclaren comprised of original artwork on tees, hoodie and New Era hat. In addition, a Vans V-79 was designed for the project.

This apparel will be available in-store and online this tomorrow, Thursday, May 21st. So, stay tuned.

Malcom Mclaren x Supreme Apparel Collection

To me, having Malcolm Mclaren and Supreme tag-team an apparel collection is just bonkers. The lineup, seen after the jump, is pretty sid vicious in terms that I loved each item. From the t-shirt designs, to the hoodies, to the New Era caps, to the original artwork, I was seriously impressed. Also, can I just say that I love the snap back caps in this collection. Lately, I have been moving away from fitted hats to snap back hat, so stay tuned for more posts on snap backs.

Check out more information on Malcolm Mclaren, photos, and designs after the jump.

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The Hundreds Summer 2009 New Era Caps

May 10, 2009

So, I ran across this line up of caps done by New Era and just fell in love with the design, concept, and the overall style of the cap. I must admit that I love the old school blends with the new school feeling. These caps are just dope, period.

The Hundreds Summer 2009 New Era Caps

Here I take a glance at the upcoming New Era caps. The LA brand brings back previous designs, such as the Adam Bomb Outline cap, but also introduces new styles. Overall they keep it classic and do not go too wild on the hats, something I can definitely appreciate. Colorways are well chosen, giving you some fresh looks during the hotter months of the year.

The Hundreds Summer 2009 New Era Caps will be released on May 14th at The Hundreds LA and SF stores.

To view more detailed photos of colorways and styles, check out the caps after the jump.

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True Summer 2009 New Era Caps

May 10, 2009

Here are two different sets of caps that are being released by True this summer. I must admit that I do love the grey colorway more, but both colorways are just dope. True is bringing the heat this summer, no pun intended, ha.

True Summer 2009

San Francisco boutique True will be releasing two solid new New Era caps over the weekend. They will release a teal/black cap and a grey/black/neon yellow cap.

Futura Laboratories Denim Mesh Cap

May 7, 2009

Here is a new hat brought to us by Futura Laboratories. I must say that I do love this cap, like a lot. I am not too sure why because it is not the most stylish or impressive cap that I have posted on or seen, but yet, it draws me to it. It might by the simplicity mixed with the denim mixed with the bold FL on the front, but I am not too sure. Anyway, I like it, especially the purple one, as you know, so I wanted to share them with you all.

FL Cap

The FL Shop offers a glimpse into a new cap release. Incorporating the trademark FL block logo, the caps defining features are the use of raw denim as the hats material of choice with three contrasting colors. Look for versions including cyan, white and purple to drop at select FL retailers forthcoming.

Raised By Wolves x Quintin Snapback Cap

May 5, 2009

Okay, I must say that this hat is just dope. I am a fan of the simplistic colors and the words on the front of the hat, Raised By Wolves. The style and design of this hat is 100% furious, right?

Raised By Wolves

Fledgling Canadian brand Raised By Wolves teams up with new, up and cap brand Quintin on a logo-based snapback. The front features the embroidery “Raised by Wolves” while the back is marked by the RbW tag-line, “100% Furious”. The hat limited to 25 pieces is available now at and Off the Hook in Montreal.

Click below for additional photos.

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Marvel x New Era

April 29, 2009

Here is a kick ass cap that I would love to sport around, even though Magneto is the antithesis to the X-Men and especially, Wolverine. I must say that I do love this ball cap. First off, I love New Era caps. Now add New Era with Marvel’s Magneto and you have a genius looking cap. By the way, I must note that I absolutely love the colors of the cap. if you know me, you know I love black and red and that purple is my favorite color, ha.

Magneto x New Era

Mutant Revolutionary/Villain Magneto has been the most prominent opposition of the X-Men since his debut in the comic series in 1963. NEW ERA is set to release a fitted baseball cap worthy of the master of magnetism manipulation, himself. This style mimic Magneto’s trademark helmet (portrait included). The interior is lined with a Pearl satin. We been told to look for this 59Fifty fitted baseball cap to drop this weekend at New Era Flagship store locations.

Click below for more information and photos of Magneto’s hat and other Marvel superhero caps.

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Pam Patch Cap

April 27, 2009

Woah nelly, this is a fresh cap. When I first saw this cap, my jaw dropped. It was love at first sight, ha. I must say that this is a cap that I would love to own. I love the patchwork on this cap with the adjustable fit. Fresh.

PAM Patch Cap

Combining geometric patterns with a 3D execution, PAM drop another unforgettable piece this season with their Patch cap. The intricate pattern is comprised of both felt and terrycloth in a mirror pattern between the left and right sides. The design extends onto the sides of the snapback cap with a PAM logo on the back. Again, fresh. This cap is available now at STLESS.

Click below for more photos.

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