Video: Major Lazer “Pon de Floor”

August 14, 2009

Directed by Eric Wareheim, Major Lazer’s Pon de Floor pushes the envelope for creativity and overall video production. I do not have much to say, but check it out below.

Edited and animation by Zachary Johnson & Jeffery Max. Art and Vector Insanity by Kevin O’Neil & Karisa Senavitis. Produced by Clark Reinking. Styling by Ammany Ahmad.

Chris Boardman’s Theft-proof & Puncture-free Bicycle

August 12, 2009

Olympic cyclist, Chris Boardman, shows off his unique bike design which he not only says will be common in 20 years, but is also theft-proof and features puncture-free tires. The futuristic-looking creation boasts a complete carbon fiber body with a built-in locking anti-theft mechanism which can only be activated by the touch of the bike owner’s fingerprints. Addition features include a calorie monitoring system, battery-powered assistance, and aforementioned puncture-free tires that have the ability to self-inflate.

It could be built now if there was a will. All the technologies are already there, it’s just that nobody’s put them all together before.

– Chris Boardman

Honestly, this is such a creative and practical design for bicycles, that I absolutely love it. Overall, if it can live up to Boardman’s expectations, the bike is amazing in aesthetics, design and utilitarian purposes. My only dilemma is that I can forecast a very expensive price tag. Thoughts?

Mona Lisa Coffee Replica

August 12, 2009

Created to launch the Rocks Aroma Festival, over 100 roasters and stalls helped create the giant size replica of the Mona Lisa. Using coffee, lattes, long blacks and flat whites, the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority contributed to Austrailia’s largest coffee festival by fusing coffee and art.

You can check out a video of where the team assembles the piece after the break, so check it out. Click here to enlarge the photo.

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3D Pavement Art by Edgar Mueller

August 2, 2009

Edgar Mueller, a German artist, creates incredible 3 dimensional pavement art, using the street as his canvas. Mueller paints over large areas of urban public life and gives them a new appearance, thereby challenging the perceptions of passers-by. And honestly, this is quite amazing.

Check out more shots of Edgar’s work after the break.

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The Sheetseat

August 2, 2009

Designed by Ufuk Keskin, the Sheetseat is produced from a single sheet of plywood and can be folded back to it’s flat form, utilizing only 3/4″ thickness in size. It was exhibited at IDSA’s Equilateral during the New York Design Week. “Produced by cutting a sheet of plywood, the chair can be folded flat with 3/4″ thickness. Easy production and minimal assembled volume saves labor and energy for production and transportation.”

Though I do not believe that the Sheetseat would deem extra comfortable, the design and innovation is quite exquisite. Quite impressive Ufuk Keskin.

Super Michael Bros.

July 29, 2009

In the remake of Super Mario Bros., Super Michael Bros. replaces the signature Mario character for a Michael Jackson character. In the game, Michael Jackson showcases his signature dances moves primarily found in his Smooth Criminal video.


Ball Point Pen Art

July 28, 2009

Who needs a camera when you can draw like this guy. Juan Francisco Casas is an amazing artist, who uses a blue ball point pen to illustrate realistic works of art.

Be sure to check out some other works done by Juan, as well as the scale on which he works after the break.

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