[1] Levi Lorenz

It was all a dream.

Levi Lorenz [Me]

I am Levi Lorenz, a young gentleman who is traveling through time to discover love, life, fun and himself, but also to invent love, life, fun and himself. I am a rager to life, always wanting to have fun, gain wisdom, and create art. I love love, people, wisdom, cultures, poetry, in the form of hip hop, and art, in the form of fashion and lifestyle. I hate intolerance, disrespect, violence, and “isms” that run rampant across the world. I vote for peace, compassion, justice, hope, and love to reign in all forms of power. I am unlike anyone that has ever lived, simply due to the idea that no one is like anyone but themselves. Again, I am Levi Lorenz, a radical, young gentleman traveling through time and space to discover and invent himself; and some days I wonder, “It was all a dream.”

By the way, I do blog at 5 Star Hip Hop, so check it out.

6 Responses to [1] Levi Lorenz

  1. Dad says:

    Im so glad to see at least you have a sense of direction of what you want and need out of this life,me on the other hand is still looking and searching.Someday maybe it will come to me……I have been a lost soul sort of speak since i can remember.I know some day you will find the something that will plant your legacy.

  2. Young H.O. says:


    “Ive never known a kid to act as a man,but man you werent playin around when we were kids!”

  3. Carson says:

    This is a good blog, keep it up man

  4. jvnv132 says:

    Nice philosophy and blog concept…keep it coming

  5. Danny.T. says:

    Yea i FEEL you bro,No Homo.I Liked the way you worded all that my dude.I am myself a young HANDSOME guy,Ladys.But Im Bout To Check You Out on this blog my dude.i 2 myself could tell you about myself but it woul;d take for to long and not enuf space in this box to type to you.HOLLA AT ME BRO!

  6. Peter Parker says:

    I appreciate the constructive debate we had over on the 5starhiphop blog, keep up the good work sir. Keep it funky.


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