Video: Cru De Ladies’ “Paper World”

September 3, 2009

In the video below, Cru De Ladies creates a world, where everything is made out of paper. Creating the entire video in just two short weeks, Cru De Ladies gives us something worth while to watch.

Video: Neurosonics Audiomedical Laboratory by Chris Cairns

September 1, 2009

Here is some Neurosonics Audiomedical Laboratory footage. The video below, directed by Chris Cairns, is simply amazing. Trust me on this one, this is a video you do not want to skip out on.


Video: Jay-Z’s Rhapsody Ad

September 1, 2009

In the video below, Jay-Z recreates every one of his album covers for his Rhpasody ad. Classic video, and very creative. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Jay-Z has teamed up with Rhapsody® and MTV to promote the highly-anticipated release of his new album, “The Blueprint 3.” As part of the partnership, the entire album will be available for fans to listen to for free on and from MTV’s “The Leak”, almost two weeks prior to its official release. In addition, Rhapsody will also make the new album available for purchase beginning September 8, three days ahead of the street release, and will include two exclusive bonus tracks.

Leading this partnership, three new Rhapsody TV spots will debut starting on September 1 across MTV Networks. In addition to two 30-second ads, Rhapsody will premiere a 60-second version of the ad in the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards on September 13.

The Jay-Z spots are the latest installment of Rhapsody’s ongoing “Fans Get It” campaign. Rhapsody’s “Fans Get It” campaign kicked off earlier this year with a massive promotion around Green Day’s hugely successful release “21st Century Breakdown,” followed with more promotions with top artists in genres from pop to country. The “Fans Get It” campaign has utilized a similar treatment through all the ads, which celebrate the culture and iconography of artists’ careers, enabling them direct involvement in the creative development of the spot. These high-profile promotions both serve as a great vehicle to further connect music fans with the artists they love.

Keith Haring Chairs via Vilac

August 31, 2009

It seems as if Keith Haring’s art is being translated to all sorts of objects lately, especially after seeing Vilac’s Haring inspired domino set, via Curated Magazine. Produced by Vilac, the playful seating furniture is sized for children and built with the same exacting attention to detail as the company puts into all their wooden toys. Available now from Unica Home, so check them out.

Seeing Keith Haring’s art work being put into household items brings excitement to me. I love the chairs, what do you think?

Video: Mehmet Akten – “Body Paint”

August 30, 2009

Created by Mehmet Akten, “Body Paint”is an interactive installation and performance allowing users to paint on a virtual canvas with their body, interpreting gestures and dance into evolving compositions. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Custom software analyzes live feed from infra-red cameras in real-time, and converts shape and motion into colors, drips and brush-strokes. The software was written in C++ using the open-source toolkit openFrameworks and computer vision library openCV.

The installation is designed to work with any number of people and is scalable to cover small or large areas. The interaction is very simple – movement creates paint. Hidden in the simplicity, are many layers of subtle details. Different aspects of the motion – size, speed, acceleration, curvature, distance all have an effect on the outcome – strokes, splashes, drips, spirals – and is left up to the users to play and discover.

While the installation is suitable for a single user, when multiple users are present a new dynamic emerges between people. A user-to-user interaction is born when the audience start playing with each other through the installation, throwing virtual paint at each other, trying to splash their friends, working collaboratively to create shared artwork, or mischievously trying to vandalize others’ work.

Aldo Medio x Tilt Shift Effect

August 19, 2009

Using a Canon 5DMKI and using a tilt shift effectAldo Media shot the military parade in Paris on the 14th of July. This video is one of the best since the other tilt shift video that I unleashed a few months back.


Video: Major Lazer “Pon de Floor”

August 14, 2009

Directed by Eric Wareheim, Major Lazer’s Pon de Floor pushes the envelope for creativity and overall video production. I do not have much to say, but check it out below.

Edited and animation by Zachary Johnson & Jeffery Max. Art and Vector Insanity by Kevin O’Neil & Karisa Senavitis. Produced by Clark Reinking. Styling by Ammany Ahmad.

“Man on the Moon: The End of Day” Album Artwork

August 12, 2009

Well, here the is the official album cover to Kid Cudi’s debut album, Man on the Moon: The End of Day. Though I was unsure of what to expect for the album cover, I am quite pleased with it. I have a strong feeling that this will be one of the greatest albums, period. September 15th people, September 15th.

Oh and if you’re interested, you can check out the DVD Deluxe Edition cover after the break. Word is that Cudi will feature 45 extra minutes of footage.

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Reulf by Charlesque

August 12, 2009

In a black and white Paris, little creatures with paintbrushes decide to brighten up the city. Reulf, a student project from the University of Paris VIII, is directed by Quentin Carnicelli, Charles Klipfel and Jean-François Jégo as part of their graduate program in Arts and Technologies.

I love the video, alone with the subliminal messages behind it. Thoughts?

Mona Lisa Coffee Replica

August 12, 2009

Created to launch the Rocks Aroma Festival, over 100 roasters and stalls helped create the giant size replica of the Mona Lisa. Using coffee, lattes, long blacks and flat whites, the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority contributed to Austrailia’s largest coffee festival by fusing coffee and art.

You can check out a video of where the team assembles the piece after the break, so check it out. Click here to enlarge the photo.

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