Keith Haring Chairs via Vilac

August 31, 2009

It seems as if Keith Haring’s art is being translated to all sorts of objects lately, especially after seeing Vilac’s Haring inspired domino set, via Curated Magazine. Produced by Vilac, the playful seating furniture is sized for children and built with the same exacting attention to detail as the company puts into all their wooden toys. Available now from Unica Home, so check them out.

Seeing Keith Haring’s art work being put into household items brings excitement to me. I love the chairs, what do you think?

The Sheetseat

August 2, 2009

Designed by Ufuk Keskin, the Sheetseat is produced from a single sheet of plywood and can be folded back to it’s flat form, utilizing only 3/4″ thickness in size. It was exhibited at IDSA’s Equilateral during the New York Design Week. “Produced by cutting a sheet of plywood, the chair can be folded flat with 3/4″ thickness. Easy production and minimal assembled volume saves labor and energy for production and transportation.”

Though I do not believe that the Sheetseat would deem extra comfortable, the design and innovation is quite exquisite. Quite impressive Ufuk Keskin.

Pete Oyler’s Stretch Shelf

July 29, 2009

Pete Oyler, a recent graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, is the mastermind behind the Stretch Shelf, an innovative interior shelving unit made of cast rubber and machined aluminum.

And here comes Pete Oyler with an innovative home shelving system. Essentially, this shelving unit is a giant rubber band. I love the creativity and design of this, but what are your thoughts?

Check out more photos of the stretch shelf after the break.

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The Ping Pong Door

July 9, 2009

Designed by Tobias Fränzel, the ping pong door functions just like any ordinary door except there’s an inner panel that flips down to make a ping pong table; pop the plastic net on and get your paddles ready. The only requirements are the adjacent rooms have enough room for you to play in. However, the only downside is that one side of the door looks normal while the other is bright green, but nonetheless the ping pong door is an amazing invention.

The Ping Pong Door

Honestly, this is one of the cooler inventions that I have seen in a while. Plus, it is entirely practical for all homes and offices. This is one of those items that make you realize we still have a lot more things to invent. It seems so obvious and yet it took this long for someone to come up with this. This is creativity and innovation at its finest. Thoughts?

Check out more photos of the ping pong door after the break.

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The Scratch DJ Coffee Table

July 9, 2009

The Scratch DJ coffee table from Bughouse features a distressed image of a pair of turntables and a mixer under its glass top. As an added bonus, you can customize it by placing your favorite records on top of each platter. Too bad it won’t actually play your music, but still a very cool concept. It’s available from Bughouse Art + Design for $850.

Scratch DJ Coffee Table

If it weren’t for the price, I’d love to pick one up.

“Node” Gets A Nod From Design Fanatics

June 26, 2009

With an increasing number of electronic devices intruding homes as well as offices, we require a lot of sockets to plug-in the gadgets, which often subdues the decor of the modern residential and work spaces with the web of wires and extension cords. However, “Node” is an innovative solution that features a simple, yet fresh design that goes hand in hand with interior designers. There is no reason why the Node shouldn’t get a nod from interior designers.


I randomly ran across this, but was very impressed with the originality, creativity, and design of this plug-in outlet. The Node is not only functional, but also very pleasing to the eye in terms of creativity. I think that this an interior design that I would find fitting for more room. Thoughts?

Check out more detailed photos of the Node after the break.

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