Beams x Oakley Frogskins

July 3, 2009

While there’s no denying the popularity in Oakley’s classic Frogskins, as of late I have seen a prevalent trend towards people utilizing their iconic frames for their corrective lenses as well. The classic shape of the Frogskins works well regardless of use, as we see Beams release some special frames of their own regardless of the usual sun-protecting lenses. Traditional tortoise shell patterns as well as a simple matte black style are seen with the Oakley logo on the side arm done-up in gradient fashion. The frames are available now at Beams.

Beams x Oakley Frogskins

I am quite the fan this collaboration between Oakley and Beams, especially since these frames utilize a blend of style and utilitarian purposes. These frames uphold Oakley’s aesthetics with Beams’ design traits. Of the two colorways, I am more of a fan of the black matte frames, though the traditional tortoise shell is quite dope. What do you feel about these?

Check out the traditional tortoise frame of the collaboration between Oakley and Beams after the break.

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A Closer Look: Oakley x Grenade Frogskins

June 26, 2009

A while back, I previewed a highly anticipated collaboration between Oakley and Grenade that would feature Oakley’s signature Frogskins sunglass, and today I am giving you a closer look at that collaboration. Snowboard company Grenade team-up with Oakley on their very on Frogskins style. Keeping true to their roots, the brand creates a military green version with appropriately colored lenses. The Grenade logo is printed on the inside arm and comes complete with a Grenade soft-pouch and carbon-fiber case. These shades will be available soon, so stay tuned.

Oakley x Grenade Frogskins

As I have said before, Oakley has been putting out some very dope collaborative Frogskins sunglasses this summer. I do really like the design of these glasses because they are bold, without being too much for the consumer to handle. This pair of glasses could easily become a staple to your summer wardrobe. I dig them, what do you think?

Check out more detailed photos of this collaboration between Oakley and Grenade after the break.

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Oakley x Beams Frogskins

June 17, 2009

Here comes another Oakley collaboration on their iconic Frogskin model. This time they get together with Japanese retailer Beams. I absolutely love how they went all classic on these, offering the frames in black and brown with clear lenses. The Frogskins have come in all sorts of crazy color combinations recently and this is a nice balance and alternative to those releases. Stay on the look out for these in Beams stores.

Oakley x Beams Frogskins

Like I mentioned above, these Oakley’s are a very nice balance from the crazy color schemes they have been recently releasing. Though I love the intense color schemes from previous posts, I do love the simplicity of these. To me, both colorways are very classy, and I honestly would not mind having both pairs in my rotation. I love ’em, do you?

Primitive x Oakley Frogskins

June 10, 2009

Another amazing coolaboration is underway, Primitive works up a new collaboration alongside Oakley, utilizing the eyewear brands classic Frogskin model. The sunglasses feature a gradient colorway, fading from black to purple, midnight blue, and eventually a clear finish. Along with special Primitive “P” logos on the detachable arms, the shades will come fully equipped with an additional set of arms and a custom silk screened bag, further emphasizing the theme which was conceived by Jubal Jones and the rest of the Primitive team.

Primitive x Oakley Frogskin Sunglasses

Like Nike, Oakley is doing bigger and better things than usual. As I have mentioned in many other posts, I am always impressed by the design and creativity by both companies. It is always good when you see that Primitive and Oakley partner up together for a hot collaboration, and it is always good to see that the collaboration is designed in your favorite color. I think that Oakley has done it again and that these glasses are an amazing piece. Thoughts?

Check out more detailed photos of this collaboration after the break.

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Grenade x Oakley

June 4, 2009

Just the other day, I showed you the upcoming Shaun White x Oakley Frogskins. Well, today I am giving you a first look at the upcoming Grenade Frogskin sunglasses, thanks to Radcollector. The sunglasses come in a matte olive green with gold reflective lenses. If you take a close look you can also see the subtle placement of the Grenade logo on the lenses. Though a release date has not been set, be on the look out because these are a dope summer accessory.

Grenade x Oakley Frogskins

So here is the deal, Oakley is seriously putting out nothing but amazing accessories lately. I have covered several pairs of Oakleys, but I really love this pair. They come in a close second place to the Paul Smith joints that I previewed. All I know is that Oakley is doing big things. Kudos. Thoughts?

Oakley x Shaun White

May 31, 2009

Here we get a first look at the upcoming Oakley Frogskins, a collaboration with snowboarder Shaun White. The sunglasses come in a light blue metallic colorway with matching lenses and pouch. The sunglasses are a limited edition design and will be released some time in June, so stay posted you Oakley/style junkies.

Oakley x Shaun White Frogskins

I love to see Oakley expanding their horizons and collaborating with Shaun White. Like I have said before, Oakley is doing some pretty dope things and I am extremely impressed with what I see. Though these are my style and I love the design, I do understand that these shades are not for everyone. Thoughts?

Check out more detailed shots after the jump.

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Oakley x C100 Artist Series Sunglasses

May 27, 2009

Oakley continues their artist series and will soon release a collaboration with C100. The artist worked on a pack, which consists of sunglasses, a hand towel, as well as t-shirt. All pieces of the pack, including the pouch of the sunglasses feature a vibrant all-over design. Look out for a release in the coming weeks.

Oakley x C100 Artist Series Sunglasses

Another fresh release by Oakley? Yes. I have to admit that I am beginning to fall in love with the actual style and design that Oakley has taken lately. Though I used to sleep on them, out of ignorance, I am beginning to become a fan, truly. I do love this release simply due to the dope design of the glasses. I love them. Well, since I just ran across these photos, I wanted to post on them so that you could make a decision about these. Yay? Nay?

Check out additional photos of this release after the jump.

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Paul Smith x Oakley

May 13, 2009

My last post on some killer shades by Oakley were the Oakley’s Four Legged Frogskins, which in my opinion were extremely sick. Well today, I present to you a collaboration between Paul Smith and Oakley, pulling on the traditional Frogskin elements with a few wild colorways. After I ran across the other Oakley’s, I was impressed, but Paul Smith’s collection has left me without speech, or at least with just one word…owww.

Paul Smith x Oakley

Paul Smith launches their first sunglasses collaboration/collection with Oakley for Spring/Summer 2009. The result is fresh and fun capitalizing on the collection of Frogskin frames in four striking colorways.

With a distinct matt rubberised finish, the Oakley Frogskins were first released in 1986 and became a symbol of that decade’s surf and skate culture. The Paul Smith frames reflect their retro origins with their high-voltage colors of pink, purple, blue and an original camo design. The sunglasses are finished with gradient mirrored lenses. Only 500 pairs will be available and limited exclusively to be sold in Paul Smith shops.

Check out more photos and colorways after the jump.

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Oakley 4-Legged Frogskins Violet Iridium

May 4, 2009

Goodness, these are…dope. I am a big fan of what Oakley is doing with these glasses. In my opinion, the interchangeable arms are seriously amazing, and innovative. Outside of the dope design of the glasses, the colors are super duper, tonal gray and purple. Owww.

Oakley 4-Legged Frogskins Violet Iridium

Oakley continues on with their innovative interchangeable “4-Legged” Frogskins design. Coming with two different sets of replaceable arms, a tonal gray color as well as a contrasting purple version are both seen for this Violet Iridium colorway. Available now at