Grenade x Oakley

Just the other day, I showed you the upcoming Shaun White x Oakley Frogskins. Well, today I am giving you a first look at the upcoming Grenade Frogskin sunglasses, thanks to Radcollector. The sunglasses come in a matte olive green with gold reflective lenses. If you take a close look you can also see the subtle placement of the Grenade logo on the lenses. Though a release date has not been set, be on the look out because these are a dope summer accessory.

Grenade x Oakley Frogskins

So here is the deal, Oakley is seriously putting out nothing but amazing accessories lately. I have covered several pairs of Oakleys, but I really love this pair. They come in a close second place to the Paul Smith joints that I previewed. All I know is that Oakley is doing big things. Kudos. Thoughts?

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