Casio G-Shock x LRG DW-6900

September 1, 2009

A look into the September roster of releases from Casio G-Shock offers a peek into a new DW-6900 timepiece, alongside premier street label LRG. The watch follows a two-tone yellow/green colorway with hints of white on the backing and detailing. The watch is a perfect way to stand out this fall season.

Though I was not expecting a collaboration between Casio and LRG anytime soon, I am pleased with the product certainly. By now, we all know my infatuation with Casio’s G-Shock watches, especially their DW-600 model, so when a look into their September releases dropped, I had to showcase them here. Personally, I love the DW-6900, especially in this colorway. Thoughts?

A Bathing Ape x Casio “Black Rainbow”

August 27, 2009

Today marks the release of A Bathing Ape’s latest Casio G-Shock collaboration. The “Black Rainbow” DW-6900 features a predominately black body with the classic G-Shock logo done in a colorful multi-colored rainbow motif, along with iconic Bape Head when the backlight is lit up. While this watch will be available at Bape Shop NYC on August 25th, the web-release is slated for today, Wednesday, August 26th.

Two of my favorite companies collaborating? Yes. A Bathing Ape and Casio have teamed up again to produced one of the summer’s hottest G-Shocks to date. The “Black Rainbow” takes on the classic DW-6900 model, which happens to be my favorite G-Shock model. Thoughts? Personally, I love the matte black with the rainbow-esque G-Shock logo.

Clout Magazine x Rime Limited Edition T-Shirt

August 27, 2009

Premier graffiti publication, Clout Magazine, releases yet another one of their limited edition t-shirts, this time with renown MSK member, Rime. The tee features a vibrant original illustration by Rime, with a tonal Clout logo and Rime’s signature tag. Limited to only 120 pieces, the tee is now available through the Clout Magazine online store.

I know it has been a while since I have previewed a Clout design, so I apologize, but when I ran across this limited edition tee, I fell in love. The simplicity of the tee mixed with the graffiti tag by Rime makes for a shirt that is worth buying. Personally, my favorite attribute is the Clout logo hidden into the shirt.

Want a more detailed preview, then look no further. Hit the break.

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Nike Blazer Mid Textile

August 25, 2009

The prolific Nike Blazer profile dating back to the 1970s is given a modern design treatment. Building on the original silhouette with a grey textile upper, tonal piping and contrasting white swoosh and laces, Nike presents a sneaker defined by clean lines and simple styling. The Nike Blazer Mid Textile is now available at the Nike Store.

I do not know what it is about these sneakers, but they have caught my eye and I cannot stop staring. I love the pure simplicity of the sneaker, along with the usual Nike aesthetics and design. I appreciate the sneaker taking on the original silhouette, all the while adding modern design techniques. Would I wear ’em? Yes.

Nixon’s Elite Ceramic Collection

August 21, 2009

With their new Elite Ceramic collection for this upcoming fall, Nixon has yet to impress. Entirely Swiss made, they present the 51-30 divers watch and the Player model with complete ceramic cases. The 51-30 comes in two sizes in all white, featuring a ceramic bezel and strap. The Player comes in black and in white, with the watch case and strap coming in ceramic. Obvious other features include the scratch resistant saphire glass, Swiss movement and much more. Though there is not a set price, expect to pay at least 2,000 for each timepiece.

Though Nixon’s Rubber Players are some of my all-time favorite watches, these Elite Ceramics are truly one of the best watches Nixon has put out to date. Aesthetics, check. Design, check. Sleekness, check. Simple, yet bold, check. Price, uncheck. Thoughts on these timepieces?

Liberty & Co. x Super Sunglasses

August 19, 2009

A brand that has made interesting deliveries as of late, thanks to collaborations on a street level, including footwear with Nike Sportswear, and now Super, Britain’s Liberty & Co. and their well-known floral patterns and prints make the jump to eyewear form. Seen in three different patterns, the eyewear is available exclusively at the Liberty & Co. flagship store.

I love seeing Liberty & Co. venture into new territory by creating a collaborative eyewear frame with Super. Seeing these two groups come together and add their own expertise is something that all eyewear consumers can be excited for.

Check out more detailed shots and colorways after the break.

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Penfield Anoka & Peacoat

August 16, 2009

Joining the recent trend in combining technical materials with classic silhouettes, we take a glimpse into some of the fall/winter offerings from Penfield. The Anoka and Peacoat both bring to the table a 3-layer Black Bear 5000/5000 fabric with taped seams and waterproof, breathable characteristics. Though this is just a preview, stay tuned for more details from the upcoming Penfield collection because we can only expect perfection for this camp.

I have always been a fan of Penfield, regardless of what they have put out, simply because they utilize style, design, comfort and a one of a kind look. Personally, I am more of a fan of the anoka, but the peacoat gives me equal pleasure. Thoughts?

Common Projects x Moscot Matte Sunglasses

August 16, 2009

Finally seeing an official release, is the collaborative project between premier footwear specialists, Common Projects, who have since begun producing accessories, including eyewear, and the leading eyewear team, Moscot. Taking on the classic wayfarer look, these shades feature a matte black finish with glossy tonal detailing and the minimalistic branding usually associated with Common Projects. These glasses are now available through Oki-Ni,with a retail price tag of $361.

With a simplistic marketing tactic, Common Projects releases some of the summer’s best eyewear pieces. I love the simplicity of the matte black sunglasses, along with the classic wayfarer aesthetics.

Check out another shot of the sunglasses by Common Projects after the break.

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Quoddy Maliseet Oxford/Blucher

August 14, 2009

Two styles from famed Maine-based footwear manufacturer, Quoddy, have hit The Shop. Sharing similar characteristics and aesthetics, the releases come in the form of the Maliseet Oxford and Blucher. The darker, more refined Maliseet Oxford features a four-hole design with a clean upper while the Blucher on the other hand includes a light brown shade with collar trim.

Personally, this is one of the best releases that I have seen Quoddy come out with in a long while. With footwear this fresh, Quoddy is sure to have their competition on guard. Though I am a fan of the darker Oxford more over the light Blucher, I like both releases. Thoughts?

Check out more shots and colorways of the Oxford/Blucher after the break.

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55DSL’s 15th Anniversary Over Backpack

August 12, 2009

As Diesel’s diffusion line, 55DSL celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2009. Though a preview into some upcoming collaborations have been seen over the last few months, this one has caught my eye. The Over backpack includes an intricate pattern print created by artist VASAVA, along with 55DSL’s iconic red/blue colors that are mis-matched over the bag’s straps, pulls and hardware. These bags are available now at 55DSL, so check them out.

Personally, I love this bag because it has a very sleek look to it, along with great graphics and colors. In celebrating their 15th year anniversary, I am quite pleased with their latest effort to push the envelope with creativity and design. Thoughts?

Check out more shots of the bag after the break.

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