A Bathing Ape x Casio “Black Rainbow”

August 27, 2009

Today marks the release of A Bathing Ape’s latest Casio G-Shock collaboration. The “Black Rainbow” DW-6900 features a predominately black body with the classic G-Shock logo done in a colorful multi-colored rainbow motif, along with iconic Bape Head when the backlight is lit up. While this watch will be available at Bape Shop NYC on August 25th, the web-release is slated for today, Wednesday, August 26th.

Two of my favorite companies collaborating? Yes. A Bathing Ape and Casio have teamed up again to produced one of the summer’s hottest G-Shocks to date. The “Black Rainbow” takes on the classic DW-6900 model, which happens to be my favorite G-Shock model. Thoughts? Personally, I love the matte black with the rainbow-esque G-Shock logo.

Bapex Spring/Summer ‘09 New Release

June 15, 2009

As part of the Bape Summer 2009 Collection comes a new Bapex Clear. This time they present the watch in a pink/green and a green/pink colorway, which for the summer, certainly is quite the refreshing look. The Bapex Clear watches are now available with either pink or green face at the retail cost of approximately $137.00.

Bapex Spring/Summer ‘09 New Release

I absolutely love what Bape is doing with their accessories line ups. Lately, I have come across nothing but amazing accessories and today was just another example. I love this watch; like a lot. The clear band mixed with the bold face mixed with the contrasting color schemes mixed with the size of the face makes for a pretty dope watch. If I had to pick, I would take the green/pink colorway, but both are equally as fresh. Thoughts?

Two New Bape T-Shirts

May 13, 2009

So, basically whatever Bape puts out, I will love, with the exception of only a few items. And so when I ran across this two new t-shirts by Bape for their Spring/Summer collection, I was very pleased. Though these t-shirts are simple in graphic and design, they are still dope. I do love the style. What do you think about them?

Bape Spring/Summer 2009 Collection

Bape has released two fun new t-shirts from their Spring/Summer 2009 Collection. The signature Bape camouflage pattern only appears on the tie and the scarf, with the rest of the graphics sticking to black and white. The t-shirts are now available in Bape stores.

Backpack & Belt x A Bathing Ape

May 4, 2009

These A Bathing Ape accessories are serious. I love the camo colorways for this bag, just as much as I love the signature gorilla on the front, and the belts, just as much as I love the signature gorilla on the belt buckle. I am a big fan of both colorways for both the bag and the belt.

Accessories x A Bathing Ape

Today Bape has released some more products from the accessories range, including backpacks and belts, this time coming in the classic Bape camouflage colors. Both pieces comes in two colorways and are available now.

More detailed images and information of the new Bape Spring & Summer 2009 camo backpacks and belts are below.

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Bapex Clear

April 27, 2009

I love watches; I do. However, it takes a lot for me to be inspired to write on a watch. This watch set is absolutely amazing, in my opinion. First off, I love A Bathing Ape, secondly, I love these watches, especially the all black outer rim and face.


The Rolex-inspired Bapex takes on an interesting characteristic in the release of this season’s Bapex Clear.

Click below for more photos and information.

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A Bathing Ape Glasses

April 24, 2009

With sunglasses sunshine on the horizon, A Bathing Ape is giving us two sets of sunglasses for their 2009 Spring & Summer eyewear range. Both models from this eyewear set feature untamed styles, usually associated with Japanese eyewear and feature a Bape motif with transparent and solid frames. These shades are now available through A Bathing Ape outlets worldwide.

Bape Sunglasses

In addition to my previous post on sunglasses, I must note that these are also very nice. I particularly love the pair above. The clear, bold frame with the wide sides make these amazing.

Click below to see more photos.

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