Visvim Fall/Winter Ballistic Collection

August 14, 2009

Beyond their stellar collection of footwear and apparel throughout the years, Visvim’s bag offerings have earned a good following for their functional, high-quality releases. In their latest version for the 2009 fall/winter collection, Visvim pulls out all the color stops and offers this brilliant, sunshine yellow collection of ballistic nylon bags. These bags are now available at Cliff Edge, so check them out.

Oh how I love Visvim’s bag collection, especially their ballistic nylon series. Out of all the colorways I have seen to date, the yellow colorway has caught my attention the most. Though I am a fan of the backpack over the messenger bag, both offer customers something original, unique, and fresh. Thoughts?

Check out the yellow messenger bag for this release after the break.

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Subcrew x Eastpak Backpack

August 14, 2009

Subcrew and Eastpak team up on the release of the following co-branded backpack. Keeping a simple design, the bag features various Subcrew imagery including the ‘S’ logo and the logo of one of the brand’s co-founders, Sam Lee, and his DJ Becareful persona. Look for the bag to be available at the Subcrew online store.

Haveing Subcrew and Eastpak collaborate for a co-branded backpack makes me excited for its release. Personally, I love both brands and their design techniques, so having this back released from both companies gives me great pleasures. Simplicity meets unique aesthetics in this collaborative bag. Thoughts?

Check out more shots of the bag after the break.

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55DSL’s 15th Anniversary Over Backpack

August 12, 2009

As Diesel’s diffusion line, 55DSL celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2009. Though a preview into some upcoming collaborations have been seen over the last few months, this one has caught my eye. The Over backpack includes an intricate pattern print created by artist VASAVA, along with 55DSL’s iconic red/blue colors that are mis-matched over the bag’s straps, pulls and hardware. These bags are available now at 55DSL, so check them out.

Personally, I love this bag because it has a very sleek look to it, along with great graphics and colors. In celebrating their 15th year anniversary, I am quite pleased with their latest effort to push the envelope with creativity and design. Thoughts?

Check out more shots of the bag after the break.

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XLarge x Manhattan Portage Backpack

August 4, 2009

For this upcoming Fall, XLarge worked with Manhattan Portage on a technical backpack. The backpack comes in durable canvas and features different colors on different panels, including camouflage patterns on the front. Furthermore, several logos have been placed on the backpack, adding extra detail and aesthetics. Look out for a release of the XLarge x Manhattan Portage Backpack in the coming weeks.

One of the nicer bags that has come from the XLarge camp in quite some time. Personally, when I ran across this backpack, I was very pleased because of the aesthetics, design, durability and quality of the bag. The graphics on the front mixed with the different colored panels makes for a nice bag. Thoughts?

Uffie x Revolver Army Backpack

July 23, 2009

Known predominately as a music artist with an eclectic range of talents, Ed Banger’s Uffie is the mastermind behind this latest collaborative backpack with close associates in Japanese brand, Revolver. The Army Backpack features an all-over print involving a large scale illustration. The bolder of the two colorways includes blue, black and orange/red while a more subdued version is predomiantely white. These bags are now available at Colette, so be sure to check them out.

I love seeing Revolver put out new merchandise, especially when it a collaborative work. I love the bags that Uffie and Revovler have come out with because they utilize a timeless bag prototype, adding some fun graphics. Personally, of the two bags, I prefer the white colorway because it has a more subtle look to it, however, the blue colorway adds more flavor and boldness to the bag.

Check out more photos of the Uffie x Revolver Army Backpack after the break.

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Stussy x Eastpak – Wayback Throwback Backpack

July 14, 2009

Aside from the apparel and vinyl portion of their recent collaborations, Stussy hooked up with Eastpak to create a special bag, complimenting their other range of accessories. The classic pack features a camouflage pattern and signature “Wayback Throwback” artwork from New York-based artist, Todd James, better known as REAS. Retail is set at approximately $136, with a release expected soon. Stay tuned.

If you are familiar with me whatsoever, you know that I love seeing quality bags come through, so whenever I run across one, I must give you all a preview. Well with this bag, I am quite impressed, in terms of aesthetics, namely design, artwork, colorway and size. Kudos to REAS, Stussy and Eastpak for this unique bag. Thoughts?

Clotone Collection – Outdoor Backpack

July 12, 2009

From the Clot Spring/Summer Clotone Collection comes the new Outdoor Backpack. For the first time, the Hong Kong brand, Clot, presents their own backpack. The bag, coming in classic mountaineering aesthetics, features a leather bottom, multiple compartments and a subtle Clot logo embroidered on the backpack. It comes in a red colorway and a black/gold colorway and it is now available from Haven, so check them out.

Clot Outdoor Backpack

With their first bag being released, I must applaud Clot for their outstanding design, in terms of aesthetics and colorways. Quite honestly, I am such a fan of this bag because it mixes practical use with luxurious looks. I prefer the red bag over the black/gold bag, but I would easily pick up either of the bags. Good job for a first bag. Thoughts?

Be sure to check out more detailed photos of the Outdoor Backpack by Clot after the break.

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