Clotone Collection – Outdoor Backpack

From the Clot Spring/Summer Clotone Collection comes the new Outdoor Backpack. For the first time, the Hong Kong brand, Clot, presents their own backpack. The bag, coming in classic mountaineering aesthetics, features a leather bottom, multiple compartments and a subtle Clot logo embroidered on the backpack. It comes in a red colorway and a black/gold colorway and it is now available from Haven, so check them out.

Clot Outdoor Backpack

With their first bag being released, I must applaud Clot for their outstanding design, in terms of aesthetics and colorways. Quite honestly, I am such a fan of this bag because it mixes practical use with luxurious looks. I prefer the red bag over the black/gold bag, but I would easily pick up either of the bags. Good job for a first bag. Thoughts?

Be sure to check out more detailed photos of the Outdoor Backpack by Clot after the break.

Clot Outdoor Backpack

Clot Outdoor Backpack

Clot Outdoor Backpack


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