The Killers Four Winds Bright Eyes Cover

April 30, 2009

The Killers? Yes. I have a secret love for them. Check out their cover below.

the Killers

the Killers “Four Winds Bright Eyes” Cover

Mike Posner

April 30, 2009

Woah nelly, Mike Posner is amazing. Truly. Let me inform you of Mike Posner if you are not up to date. He is a vocalist out of Southfeild, Michigan and he is very nice. This is the first mixtape of his that I’ve seen on the internet, but truly, I am looking forward to more of his music. He has a few pretty vicious covers on here and some bangin’ original tracks. So, needless to say let me bless u with a preview of Mike Posner and the Brain Trust.

Mike Posner & the Brain Trust Mixtape

Mike Posner & the Brain Trust”A Matter of Time”

And honestly, if you are not familiar, you need to get familiar, he is dope.

Asher Roth x Cee-Lo “Be By Myself” Video

April 30, 2009

I do love me some Asher Roth. This is a sick song accompanied by a sick music video, so check it out below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Asher Roth x Cee-Lo – “Be By Myself”

Mykita x Bernhard Willhelm

April 30, 2009

Okay, as you can tell, I love eyewear. I do. Even though, you will probably not ever see me in glasses because honestly, I cannot find a pair that fits my face and personality. Nonetheless, I will post on them because I do love eyewear, especially the feel of these by Mykita and Bernhard Willhelm. Here is some eyewear presented by German eyewear maker, Mykita.

Mykita x Bernhard Willhelm

Well, previously introduced Germany fashion maverick, Bernhard Willhelm, has embarked on an exclusive eyewear collection adventure for autumn and winter 2009.

The new men’s sunglasses collection is inspired by skiing. These glasses come in various adapted trendy shapes like the aviator but the lenses are colorfully mirrored in orange and blue shades that are common on ski goggles.

Mykita is founded by Harald Goffschling, Daniel Haffmans, Philipp Haffmans and Moritz Krueger in Berlin in 2003. These four came from the famously successful ic! brand. All Mykita’s eyewear are hand-made in their Berlin production site aiming to provide design and exclusivity to their customers. The pairing with Bernhard Willhelm seems only natural as both seem to share the same fresh and fun outlook on design and fashion, especially after Bernhard Willhelm has successfully collaborated with Linda Farrow’s sunglasses project through oki-ni.

These limited edition sunglasses will be available starting June 1st. Even though they may not offer complete protection while you are zipping down the Aspen slopes, they will make you stand out among everyone else.

Click below for more photos and styles.

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Lil Wayne

April 30, 2009

Yes, I am humbling myself and posting more of Wayne’s music. I do not hate him or his music, I guess it is just a vendetta because of a few reasons, not because I truly think he is a wack rapper. First of all, he is overrated. He is not Jay or Kanye or Common or Lu or anyone of that caliber. I am disgusted when people consider him the greatest rapper because in all reality, he barely, if at all, makes the top 13. However, he is only 26 and is a phenomenal entertainer and is pioneering new ways of hip hop. Well, nonetheless, he can make good music. So today, I ran across another hot song by Wayne so, check it out. I am a fan and it will get played on my iPod.

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne “Fix My Hat”

Clipse x Kanye West x Bun B

April 30, 2009

I mess with Bun B and his music.He is truly the “King of the Underground.” Well, Bun B decided to put a verse on the song Kinda Like A Big Deal by Clipse. I put the link under the photo, so check it out. I enjoyed his verse just as much as much as Pusha’s or Kanye’s.

By the way, this is brand new. Bun even mentions the swine flu, ha.

Bun B

Clipse feat. Kanye West & Bun B “Kinda Like a big Deal Remix”

Who The F#*k is B.o.B?

April 30, 2009

Okay, as you have noticed, I support, and for the most part, love the new faces of hip hop and hip pop, besides Hurricane Chris and Soulja Boy and the likes. Among the names of Kid CuDi, ASHer Roth, Big Sean, and Charles Hamilton, B.o.B and Mike Posner must be considered.

Well, I have been weary on B.o.B for a while after hearing just one song, — I know, don’t judge a book by its cover — but I just could not get over that I was not feeling it right away (which, when I first heard CuDi’s Day N’ Nite, I really fell in love). Well, I listened to B.o.B’s mixtape and, after giving it a chance, I really enjoyed it.

Well, below you can download B.o.B’s mixtape, Who the Fuck is B.o.B?. I do encourage you to download his music because it is….good. And, on top of that, most of the tracks on the mixtape were produced by B.o.B which is very talented…to be a rapper and a producer, ha.

B.o.B Mixtape

B.o.B “Who the Fuck is B.o.B?”

Also, if you click below you will find the official tracklist of the mixtape.

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Howard Stern x Homosexuality

April 30, 2009

Though I am not a fan of the Howard Stern show, I do respect him because he says what he wants to, and I do think that this clip is worth listening to, really. For almost four full minutes, Howard Stern rants and raves about supporting and standing up for homosexuals. In my opinion, I would rather listen to Howard Stern on homosexuality than a pastor because, for the most part, Stern is the more correct one, biblically and socially. However, that is due to my stance that homosexuality is not a sin, either biblically or socially. Love and let live. Check out this video below.

My feeling about gay people is that we have a responsibility not only to make gay marriage acceptable and to make gays feel accepted as much as heterosexuals…Gay people are downtrodden. They are beaten. They are abused for their sexuality, and it goes across race. In the white community and the black community gay people are the bastards of the world. And in order for things to change, because any one of you could have gay children, or gay relatives, or gay friends…we have a responsibility to make this acceptable, to get all this bullshit so that some gay kid going to high school doesn’t get the shit beaten out of him just because he’s gay…I’m as heterosexual as they come. What is this hang-up about gay marriage? Who cares? Get on with your life!”

Big Sean

April 30, 2009

Here is a super duper video interview with Big Sean. The interview just covers the rise and stardom of one of the youngest and brightest rappers in the industry, Big Sean. Check the video out below, it is very intriguing.

Kid Cudi x GreenJar

April 30, 2009

Yesterday I posted a site, GreenJar, for you all to check out. Green Jar is a website aimed for collaborating urban America with environmental protection and awareness.  GreenJar is an environmental lifestyle networking sit, the first of its kind actually, created to care the the urban youth of tomorrow. GreenJar is a free marketplace where ideas are encouraged to be exchanged and where voices are made to be heard with respect to growing concerns of our environment. GreenJar uses celebrities, artists, musicians, and athletes, among common folk, to use the medium they have been given to be a voice of awareness and change.

Below you will find Kid Cudi speaking 0n being environmentally friendly and how it is now lame, but actually cool. Watch the video below to hear Cudders on being green.

Here is a quote taken from their site, “Today is a fresh start to a new beginning, where we act as a community to keep ourselves informed and educated about what is going on in our world. Today we choose to be limitless in our efforts to gain more knowledge about ways we can make positive differences on the state of our environment. Today we control our fate.”