Kid Cudi x GreenJar

Yesterday I posted a site, GreenJar, for you all to check out. Green Jar is a website aimed for collaborating urban America with environmental protection and awareness.  GreenJar is an environmental lifestyle networking sit, the first of its kind actually, created to care the the urban youth of tomorrow. GreenJar is a free marketplace where ideas are encouraged to be exchanged and where voices are made to be heard with respect to growing concerns of our environment. GreenJar uses celebrities, artists, musicians, and athletes, among common folk, to use the medium they have been given to be a voice of awareness and change.

Below you will find Kid Cudi speaking 0n being environmentally friendly and how it is now lame, but actually cool. Watch the video below to hear Cudders on being green.

Here is a quote taken from their site, “Today is a fresh start to a new beginning, where we act as a community to keep ourselves informed and educated about what is going on in our world. Today we choose to be limitless in our efforts to gain more knowledge about ways we can make positive differences on the state of our environment. Today we control our fate.”


One Response to Kid Cudi x GreenJar

  1. Juliet Fogarty says:

    Wow, this is such a fantastic idea, whoever came up with this deserves serious kudos! I love the idea of the urban community working together to fight what is primarily an urban problem. Not only can environmentally-conscious programs save the environment, they can also help our struggling economy. Ordinancewatch just posted a blog about the positive effects of several tree-planting ordinances’ in various counties throughout Florida ( Its certainly encouraging to see local efforts at encouraging such green initiatives.

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