Mykita x Bernhard Willhelm

Okay, as you can tell, I love eyewear. I do. Even though, you will probably not ever see me in glasses because honestly, I cannot find a pair that fits my face and personality. Nonetheless, I will post on them because I do love eyewear, especially the feel of these by Mykita and Bernhard Willhelm. Here is some eyewear presented by German eyewear maker, Mykita.

Mykita x Bernhard Willhelm

Well, previously introduced Germany fashion maverick, Bernhard Willhelm, has embarked on an exclusive eyewear collection adventure for autumn and winter 2009.

The new men’s sunglasses collection is inspired by skiing. These glasses come in various adapted trendy shapes like the aviator but the lenses are colorfully mirrored in orange and blue shades that are common on ski goggles.

Mykita is founded by Harald Goffschling, Daniel Haffmans, Philipp Haffmans and Moritz Krueger in Berlin in 2003. These four came from the famously successful ic! brand. All Mykita’s eyewear are hand-made in their Berlin production site aiming to provide design and exclusivity to their customers. The pairing with Bernhard Willhelm seems only natural as both seem to share the same fresh and fun outlook on design and fashion, especially after Bernhard Willhelm has successfully collaborated with Linda Farrow’s sunglasses project through oki-ni.

These limited edition sunglasses will be available starting June 1st. Even though they may not offer complete protection while you are zipping down the Aspen slopes, they will make you stand out among everyone else.

Click below for more photos and styles.

Mykita x Bernherd Willhelm

Mykita x Bernherd Willhelm

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