Nixon’s Elite Ceramic Collection

August 21, 2009

With their new Elite Ceramic collection for this upcoming fall, Nixon has yet to impress. Entirely Swiss made, they present the 51-30 divers watch and the Player model with complete ceramic cases. The 51-30 comes in two sizes in all white, featuring a ceramic bezel and strap. The Player comes in black and in white, with the watch case and strap coming in ceramic. Obvious other features include the scratch resistant saphire glass, Swiss movement and much more. Though there is not a set price, expect to pay at least 2,000 for each timepiece.

Though Nixon’s Rubber Players are some of my all-time favorite watches, these Elite Ceramics are truly one of the best watches Nixon has put out to date. Aesthetics, check. Design, check. Sleekness, check. Simple, yet bold, check. Price, uncheck. Thoughts on these timepieces?

Black & Purple Colorways To The Rubber Player

June 30, 2009

I actually thought that the Nixon Rubber Player push was over with the release of the yellow colorway, but it sure looks like I was wrong. Following up on their blue launch in March, Nixon releases two new colorways in their popular Rubber Player model, a spin-off of their classic Player timepiece. Various features within the Rubber Player include: 3-hand Japanese quartz movement, custom molded silicone case and band and a diamond. Retailing for $170, both colorways are now available at 80’s Purple.

Nixon Rubber Player | Purple And Black Colorway

As I have mentioned before, Nixon’s Rubber Player watch is one of my favorite accessories out on the market. The Rubber Player’s eloquent aesthetics, design, and simplicity have me in awe, and since I actually prefer the purple and black watches over the previous releases of blue, red, green, and yellow, I am even more impressed than usual. I must note that I am happy that Nixon has not stopped releasing new colorways of their Rubber Player. What do you think?

Be sure to check out more detailed photos of the two new colorways of the Nixon Rubber Player after the break.

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Nixon Rubber Player Yellow Colorway

June 11, 2009

After releasing blue, red, and green rubber versions of their iconic Player Watch in March, April, and May respectively, this eye-catching canary yellow timepiece represents the fourth and final color in Nixon’s 4 x 4 Rubber Player series, and are we sad. Having established a considerable level of hype already, and limiting the release to 4 watches per retailer, this is sure to be a quick seller.

Available June 15th at and participating Nixon dealers for a price of $225, so check ’em out.

Nixon Rubber Player | Yellow Colorway

As I mentioned before, the Rubber Player watches by Nixon are very impressive. Nixon, known for the eloquent aesthetics, have delivered once again in the fourth and final colorway of the Rubber Player watch series. I absolutely love this watch, and of the four, it is my favorite because it is bold, yet simple. Regardless of if this is for you or not, you must admit that Nixon did it again. Thoughts?

Nixon’s Time Teller P

May 21, 2009

And introducing the Time Teller P watch from Nixon. For five Hamiltons and a Lincoln, you get a watch with three-hand Japanese quartz and a triple-gasket crown band. There are 13 different colorways for this slick time piece, so you can even cop a few and switch up as necessary. In my opinion, money well spent.

Nixon's Time Teller P watch

To me, Nixon makes some of the dopest watches possible. I love their rubber watches to these Time Teller P’s. I absolutely love the audacity and boldness of this series and would love to be able to rock one of these out, especially the mulit-colored one or the all red one. What do you think about them?

Nixon Rubber Player May 2009 | Green Colorway

May 12, 2009

In a previous post, I gasped and awed at the red colorway of the Nixon Rubber Player. Well, today, I ran across a preview of the green colorway, which is equally as dope. Though the blue was fresh and the red was dope, in my opinion, the green colorway trumps both colorways.


The May 2009 colorway of the limited edition Nixon Rubber Player watch is green. After releasing the blue and red versions before, this is the third in the set. The release date is set for May 15th

Nixon Watches

April 22, 2009

Woah nelly, though I am not a watch wearing kind of guy, I do get down with these Nixon’s. I absolutely love this style of watch. These are simple, yet bold.

Nixon Red

Now that the Blue Rubber Player is completely out of stock, Nixon will be releasing the next color in their limited edition rubber player 4X4 line, in the vivid & fiery red you see above. Available online on their official site. For some more photos of the Red Rubber Player, click below.

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