Beams x Oakley Frogskins

While there’s no denying the popularity in Oakley’s classic Frogskins, as of late I have seen a prevalent trend towards people utilizing their iconic frames for their corrective lenses as well. The classic shape of the Frogskins works well regardless of use, as we see Beams release some special frames of their own regardless of the usual sun-protecting lenses. Traditional tortoise shell patterns as well as a simple matte black style are seen with the Oakley logo on the side arm done-up in gradient fashion. The frames are available now at Beams.

Beams x Oakley Frogskins

I am quite the fan this collaboration between Oakley and Beams, especially since these frames utilize a blend of style and utilitarian purposes. These frames uphold Oakley’s aesthetics with Beams’ design traits. Of the two colorways, I am more of a fan of the black matte frames, though the traditional tortoise shell is quite dope. What do you feel about these?

Check out the traditional tortoise frame of the collaboration between Oakley and Beams after the break.

Beams x Oakley Frogskins


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