Tilt Shift

This video is using the tilt-shift technology. Tilt-shift is a technique of taking a video and making it look like everything in the video is miniature, but actually using real people and objects. Tilt-shift utilizes the “miniature faking” technique which is a post-processing technique, that involves selectively blurring a photo or video to simulate the narrow depth of field found in macro photography and videography, making the image appear to be of a miniature model. This is… very, very cool.

One Response to Tilt Shift

  1. […] Aldo Medio x Tilt Shift Effect Using a Canon 5DMKI and using a tilt shift effect, Aldo Media shot the military parade in Paris on the 14th of July. This video is one of the best since the other tilt shift video that I unleashed a few months back. […]

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