Zanzan Shades

June 23, 2009

The French sunglass line, Zanzan, looks to pay homage to the “beatniks” and “glitterati” of past with their latest collection of limited edition sunglasses. “Inspiration is taken from the cabals of subculture style elites in the ’60s and ’70s, groups that were effortlessly cool and holistically different.” Three models are available for your wearing pleasure, but keep in mind that only 100 units will be released of each model, so stay tuned.

Zanzan Shades

I have known about Zanzan for awhile now, but to me, this is their best piece of work. This line up is luxurious, yet casual and sports a very respectable look, while remaining effortlessly cool. Unlike other accessories lines, I do not have a single favorite, simply because each model has something that I love, whether is be the design of the frame, the tint of the lens, or the thickness of the arms. In my opinion, each of the sunglasses presented by Zanzan hold a look that is very hard to compete with. I am a big fan, what are you thoughts?

Check out more photos of the brand new models by Zanzan after the break.

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Durkl x SabreVision

June 20, 2009

Washington, D.C. lifestyle brand DURKL, has teamed up with SabreVision to produce a limited edition run of co-branded sunglasses. The brands collaborated on the “Psychotic Reaction” model, redoing the shape in 2 unique colorways, yellow/iridescent lenses and blue/fire lenses, with the lenses receiving a subtle DURKL branding as well. The shades will be released in small allocations to both brand’s top accounts, as less than 100 pairs were produced.

DURKL x Sabre

DURKL and Sabre clothing, two of the more fun brands on this Internet, are teaming up on a $96 pair of sunglasses, and in my opinion, the glasses are absolutely fresh. To me, the yellow colorway is the better of the two, but both are unique and pretty dope. I love the boldness of these shades that have been produced by Durkl and SabreVision. Thoughts?

Oakley x Beams Frogskins

June 17, 2009

Here comes another Oakley collaboration on their iconic Frogskin model. This time they get together with Japanese retailer Beams. I absolutely love how they went all classic on these, offering the frames in black and brown with clear lenses. The Frogskins have come in all sorts of crazy color combinations recently and this is a nice balance and alternative to those releases. Stay on the look out for these in Beams stores.

Oakley x Beams Frogskins

Like I mentioned above, these Oakley’s are a very nice balance from the crazy color schemes they have been recently releasing. Though I love the intense color schemes from previous posts, I do love the simplicity of these. To me, both colorways are very classy, and I honestly would not mind having both pairs in my rotation. I love ’em, do you?

Super Flat Top Havana Sunglasses

June 13, 2009

Celebrating the launch of the Generic Man pop-up store, The Generic Manifesto, at Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles, Super Sunglasses whip up an exclusive pair of their Flat Top Havana Glitter. The Italian shades feature brown Zeiss lenses in a limited edition run of 46 pieces, so stay on guard for these.

Super Flat Top Havana Sunglasses

Well, I must admit that I do love these shades by Super. I love the flat top style, thick frames, and the brown colors used, especially in the lenses. These glasses sport the classy, yet simple look that most are looking for. I am a fan of the design overall, so what are your thoughts?

Robert Geller White Joseph Sunglasses

June 10, 2009

This pair of white Robert Geller White Joseph sunglasses are some of my favorites at the moment. These striking matte white frames with dark emerald lenses are the no fuss standard for the current summer season. If you are embracing the thick frame flat-top style, Joseph is for you.

Robert Geller White Joseph Sunglasses

These Joseph’s are simply ill. As I mentioned above, these are some of my favorites right now. The thick white frames mixed with the dark emerald lenses mixed with the flat top design creates for a pretty sick pair of sunglasses. I love ’em, so kudos guys. Thoughts?

Primitive x Oakley Frogskins

June 10, 2009

Another amazing coolaboration is underway, Primitive works up a new collaboration alongside Oakley, utilizing the eyewear brands classic Frogskin model. The sunglasses feature a gradient colorway, fading from black to purple, midnight blue, and eventually a clear finish. Along with special Primitive “P” logos on the detachable arms, the shades will come fully equipped with an additional set of arms and a custom silk screened bag, further emphasizing the theme which was conceived by Jubal Jones and the rest of the Primitive team.

Primitive x Oakley Frogskin Sunglasses

Like Nike, Oakley is doing bigger and better things than usual. As I have mentioned in many other posts, I am always impressed by the design and creativity by both companies. It is always good when you see that Primitive and Oakley partner up together for a hot collaboration, and it is always good to see that the collaboration is designed in your favorite color. I think that Oakley has done it again and that these glasses are an amazing piece. Thoughts?

Check out more detailed photos of this collaboration after the break.

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United Bamboo Frames & Sunglasses

June 5, 2009

New York-based United Bamboo offer up their signature sunglass model in a two different colorways. The frames take on the recent retro look, offered in both black or brown, in either a sunglass format or optical option.

United Bamboo Frames & Sunglasses

These glasses are an accessory that I would not mind having in the rotation. I absolutely love both the optical and sunglass designs that United Bamboo presents to us. Though I am more of a fan of the black colorway in the optical format, both formats and both colorways are dope. However, United Bamboo put out a dope set of accessories and I love the feel to these. Yay or nay?

Check out the second colorway after the jump.

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