Zanzan Shades

The French sunglass line, Zanzan, looks to pay homage to the “beatniks” and “glitterati” of past with their latest collection of limited edition sunglasses. “Inspiration is taken from the cabals of subculture style elites in the ’60s and ’70s, groups that were effortlessly cool and holistically different.” Three models are available for your wearing pleasure, but keep in mind that only 100 units will be released of each model, so stay tuned.

Zanzan Shades

I have known about Zanzan for awhile now, but to me, this is their best piece of work. This line up is luxurious, yet casual and sports a very respectable look, while remaining effortlessly cool. Unlike other accessories lines, I do not have a single favorite, simply because each model has something that I love, whether is be the design of the frame, the tint of the lens, or the thickness of the arms. In my opinion, each of the sunglasses presented by Zanzan hold a look that is very hard to compete with. I am a big fan, what are you thoughts?

Check out more photos of the brand new models by Zanzan after the break.

Zanzan Shades

Zanzan Shades

Zanzan Shades

Zanzan Shades


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