Mike Posner Interview w/ Peter Rosenberg

July 21, 2009

Below, you can check out an interview with Mike Posner, done by Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg. In the interview, Mike Posner chops it up about Duke University, the diversity of his fan base, the style of his music and much more.

After watching this video, I appreciate Mike Posner that much more. He seems laid back and fun; my current theme lately.

Still don’t have the tape? Download it here or here.

Peter Rosenberg x Drake

May 27, 2009

Here is an interesting interview given by Peter Rosenberg on his handy flip cam. Peter Rosenberg talks to Drake about a lot of different topics, including his Jewish background. Kanye shows up for some vintage Kanye-Rosenberg awkwardness. Yea, it is kind of long, but seriously entertaining.