Four Leaked Tracks from Jay-Z’s “Blueprint 3”

September 1, 2009

Yes, you read the title correctly. Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 is getting more and more leaked by the moment. Honestly, it does not sway my decision to go out and buy the album (and I hope it doesn’t sway yours either), but it does bring a bittersweet feeling from seeing all of the songs being leaked. I figured you’d get it one way or another, so here you go, but act fast because they will be gone sooner than later. Enjoy.

Jay-Z – “Thank You”

Jay-Z x Kanye West – “Hate”

Jay-Z x J. Cole – “A Star is Born”

Jay-Z x Young Jeezy – “As Real as it Gets”

Video: J. Cole x Wale x Mike Posner x UCB Performance

August 30, 2009

By the looks of the slew of videos below, it looks like J. Cole, Wale, Mike Posner and UCB had a pretty good show. Live at Duke University, these four acts gave a wicked performance.

Wishing I was there for them.

Below is the rest of J. Cole’s performance, most of Wale’s, and a few videos of Mike and UCB. Check it out after the break.

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J. Cole – “Back to the Topic” (Freestyle)

August 26, 2009

Below, you can find a brand new J. Cole joint. I know you all have been craving something new since The Warm Up, so here you go.

While I’m workin on the album I get urges to go off on certain beats I love. This is similar to the process of how The Warm Up originally started. I’m already sitting on some gems as we speak. I figured yall been rockin that warm up for a couple months, let’s let some of them out.

– J. Cole

J. Cole – “Back to the Topic” (Freestyle)

J. Cole x The Pulse Interview

August 24, 2009

Below is an interview with Roc Nation’s first signed MC, J. Cole. Cole talks about Roc Nation, Blueprint 3, his top MC list, a possible future mixtape, which artists he’d like to work with and more.

J. Cole x The Pulse Interview

Still don’t have the mixtape? Download it here.

Just as a side, I am still consistently listening to The Warm Up. Listening to that reminds me of old Nas or Jay.

J. Cole and XV Freestyle on A-List Radio

July 29, 2009

On the A-List Radio show, J. Cole and XV join DJ Enuff to spit a few freestyles for the listeners. I listened to this all the way through and was nothing shy of impressed. Quite honestly, these two guys can spit, regardless if some of the freestyles on here were written prior to. Nonetheless, be sure to check out these two cats rap in the video below.

Now honestly, name a few hip hop artists that can do it like this. These guys are the future of hip hop.

J. Cole x Angela Yee Interview

July 28, 2009

In the videos below, J. Cole, Jay-Z’s premier artist on Roc Nation, chops it up with Angela Yee about the first time he met Jay-Z and the master plan he had to get on American Gangster.

Also, after the break, J. Cole performs the track he wrote/produced in hopes of placement on Hov’s American Gangster.

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J. Cole x J. Cardim Interview

July 21, 2009

In part 2 of Dice Music TV’s impromptu interview with J. Cole at J. Cardim’s spot, Cole speaks on which rappers influenced him the most and how, as well as how he feels about being comparing to Drake. Be sure to check out the interview below.

Honestly, I love J. Cole and his music. His rap style, lyrics and content go deeper than your average MC. Don’t get me wrong, I love Drake, but J. Cole is being slept on for flow, lyrics, and overall talent. The interview above just gives a better look at the first signee to Jay’s Roc Nation.

Don’t have the mixtape yet? Damn. Get on that. Download it here.

And just in case you missed the first part of the interview, check it out after the break, along with a live performance of Grown Simba.

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Time To Warm Up

June 15, 2009

Well, a lot of new talent has jumped onto the hip hop scene lately, and it has been for the better of the industry. Though some artists have gotten more attention than others, J. Cole is not one to be slept on. J. Cole, the first artist signed to Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation, has just released his highy anticipated mixtape, The Warm Up, and I must admit that after listening to it, the mixtape was highly anticipated for a reason. Check it out below and please believe that you will not be upset after this download.

The Warm Up Mixtape

J. Cole – “The Warm Up” Mixtape