Clipse x Keri Hilson x Pharrell x the Neptunes

June 28, 2009

A few weeks ago I featured the Clipse’s newest single featuring Keri Hilson, Eyes On Me, and today I am giving you all the CDQ, tagless version of the joint. As I said last time, this song is absolutely crazy because it has some pretty dope elements to it, namely the Clipse’s unique lyrics and flow, Keri Hilson, Pharrell, and production by The Neptunes. Dope. Check it out below.

the Clipse & Justin Timberlake

Clipse x Keri Hilson x Pharrell x The Neptunes – “Eyes On Me”

All Eyes On Me

June 18, 2009

Well here’s a brand new record off the Clipse’s upcoming album, Til the Casket Drops. This joint, produced by the Neptunes and featuring Keri Hilson, is flooded by tags, but do not worry, they are not that bad. Plus, you know I will be coming throught with the CDQ quite shortly. This song is an overall banger, partially because it is a new Clipse cut, partially because the production was done by the Neptunes, and partially because it features Keri Hilson. To me, those three elements make for a very dope song. I encourage you to support these two Virginia natives and download that track below.


Clipse x Keri Hilson – “Eyes On Me”