B.o.B. – “Should Have Been the First Album” (Mixtape)

Below is a mixtape compilation of some of B.o.B.’s best joints on the net to date. This tape compiles 15 free of DJ tag joints and is a must download. Check it out below.

B.o.B. – “Should Have Been the First Album” (Mixtape)

Shake threw together this mix of No DJ Bobby Ray joints as sort of middle finger to the suits at Atlantic. Word on these e-streets is that they’re trying to force the homie B.o.B. into a 360 deal against his will. While I’m not categorically against 360, or multiple rights deals, I feel like they should be presented as an option to an emerging artist, not as theonly option. And they certainly shouldn’t be used as a blackmail tool. I doubt they’d try to pull that shit with a TI or a Jay-Z. Sure, B.o.B. still has some showing and proving to do, but is a fair deal too much to ask? Just put out that man’s album and let the chips fall where they may.

Art done by ArtByShake.com

Check out the entire album artwork + track listing after the break.

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