Video: Drake To Re-Release “So Far Gone” To Retail

Well, it seems as if Young Money’s own, Drake, is going to re-release his So Far Gone mixtape, but this time, it is going to retail. Yes, he is going to re-release his free mixtape to the public for profit. From the sounds of the interview below, Drake is releasing the mixtape with its strongest songs and a never before heard track, Fear, that will transition into his album. Love him or hate him, he has a buzz that is incomparable.

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While on the Toronto set for his forthcoming “Successful” video, he revealed to MTV News exclusively that he’ll be re-releasingSo Far Gone to retail outlets on September 15.

According to Drake, the revamped project will feature most of the familiar tracks that have powered his rise, from the Trey Songz and Lil Wayne-backed “Successful” to his hit “Best I Ever Had.”

But there will be a new record, “Fear,” added to the track list. The never-before-heard song will be tacked on to the end of So Far Gone and will serve as the transition from his mixtape toThank Me Later.

According to Drake, the last line of “Fear” will be the first line heard on his debut.

“I did this song that no one has ever heard before, ever,” he explained. “[It’s] a song called ‘Fear.’ I recorded it when I did So Far Gone — the first verse and half of the second verse I had gotten through. But then I just stopped because it was getting eerie. It was getting where I didn’t know if I could [finish it]. And then the other night I had a moment and I finished the song. That’s gonna be the last song on the retail [version of] So Far Gone. And the third verse transitions into Thank Me Later. So the last line of the third verse is gonna be the first line on my album.”

Check out the rest of the interview after the break.

When Drake first created So Far Gone, he said knowing it was a mixtape as opposed to an album fostered a more relaxed creative environment. He said the project wasn’t intended for retail. Now, because of his success, it’s made it easier for him to rework the mixtape.

“I don’t ever look at it and say, ‘I wish that was an album,’ ” he said earlier this year of So Far Gone. “It was important that that was a mixtape, ’cause if it was an album, I don’t know if it would’ve had the same impact. You know, I think the fact that I gave that for free, it was kind of brazen, like, ‘What?’ Like, ‘What do you have in your collection, in your catalog, to be able to throw this out there?’ And just while we were creating it, it was all of us, you know — me, 40, Oliver and everyone else involved — it was us just having fun in a stress-free environment because we knew we were going to give it away.”

Although Drake has been sidelined as of late after he re-injured his knee while on Young Money Presents: The America’s Most Wanted Music Festival, he’s feeling upbeat these days. So Far Gone presented a dark and moody collection of tracks, but with the finish of “Fear,” Drake said he’s now cleansed himself of the emotion of that time period.

“In that [new] verse I describe exactly how I’m feeling,” he explained. “I’m happy today. … I just feel like [now] I’m breathing a little deeper. The day is moving calm. There’s no tension. I feel like I cleansed myself of a lot of emotion that has been building up inside of me. I got it all out.”


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