CS Rucker – “The Hungry Kid” Mixtape

Hosted by DJ Nice, CS Rucker’s latest mixtape, The Hungry Kid, just dropped and is available for download. With features from international producers, namely Drixxxe, Freon, Kid Rolex, Robot Koch and more, the mixtape is a must have. The mixtape features one of a kind lyrics and represents fun, originality and lyricism. Be sure to check it out below.

I’m just a guy trying to do just that, get my art out to as many people who want to listen. I feel like I’m constantly trying to do my own thing and create music that reflects who I am and what I’m feeling, rather than the same thing over and over again. People have been using the phrase “progressive hiphop” a lot lately and I do feel like I am that, but I also feel that its personal hip hop made for people to listen to and hopefully experience a great collection of sounds, emotions and reality, mixed with some fun, cause you gotta have fun ya know.

– CS Rucker

DJ Nice x CS Rucker – “The Hungry Kid” (Mixtape)

Be sure to check out the entire track list and the rest of the album art after the break.

Oh and as a side, In Black We Trust designed the album artwork.


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