Chris Boardman’s Theft-proof & Puncture-free Bicycle

Olympic cyclist, Chris Boardman, shows off his unique bike design which he not only says will be common in 20 years, but is also theft-proof and features puncture-free tires. The futuristic-looking creation boasts a complete carbon fiber body with a built-in locking anti-theft mechanism which can only be activated by the touch of the bike owner’s fingerprints. Addition features include a calorie monitoring system, battery-powered assistance, and aforementioned puncture-free tires that have the ability to self-inflate.

It could be built now if there was a will. All the technologies are already there, it’s just that nobody’s put them all together before.

– Chris Boardman

Honestly, this is such a creative and practical design for bicycles, that I absolutely love it. Overall, if it can live up to Boardman’s expectations, the bike is amazing in aesthetics, design and utilitarian purposes. My only dilemma is that I can forecast a very expensive price tag. Thoughts?


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