Exclusive Interview with S1xt6en

Just as promised, I have an exclusive interview with Virginia’s own, S1xt6en. In the interview, S1xt6en and I cover many topics including, his name selection, S1xt6en, the mixtape with Townez, top five hip hop artists alive, his next steps and much more. Be sure to check it out below.

Question One: Who are you and where are you from?
DeRon Folson. Born July 14, 1985 (24) in Bronx, NY, but moved to Newport News (Bad Newz) when I as 14. I’ve been rapping since I was 10.

Question Two: Why S1xt6en? What does it mean?
At age 16 I changed my name from I.R.(InfaRed) to 16 Barz. Basically naming myself the measure for the average length of a verse. In school everyone would call me 16 for short. So one day I said I am going to drop the Barz, and go by 16. But the number was boring to me and at the time mixing letters and numbers wasn’t as big as it is today so I decided to switch the “I” with a “1” and the “E” with an “6”.

Check out the rest of the interview after the break.

Also, if you still don’t have the tape yet, the question is why? Download it here or here

Question Three: Tell me what you like most like about your mixtape and what fans should expect? What is your favorite song on the tape?

What I like most about it is our disclaimer. You know how on commercials they have the “No Animals were hurt in the making of this commercial..” our disclaimer is “No guns were shot and no drugs were dealt in the making of this mixtape.” LOL.. we just figure you don’t have to be a d-boy or trapper in order to make good music. My favorite track currently is “In My Soul” produced by The Best Kept Secret. Everything about that song is crazy to me, like the live instruments, the message in the song, and also the hook which is Townez, singing by the way.

Question Four: How did you hook up with Townez? And how did you hook up with Tapemasters INC.

Townez and I met in middle school. When I moved from NY everyone was like, “oh you’re from New York you must know how to rap, well I got this kid who makes beats.” I was like well I want to meet him. After we linked I told my brother about him. My brother, Manti, has produced for Juelz Santana’s Lil’ Boy Fresh, Hell Rell’s Take an Oath, and Jae Millz’s Godfather and took Townez under his wing and thought him everything he knew about making music and it stuck. Townez then later, after mastering making beats, decided to rap. The whole thing with Tapemasters Inc actually wasn’t supposed to happen. I got their contact info from my manager and just hit them up. They told me to send some music and if they were feeling it they would send me a quote. And the rest is history.

Question Five: Who influences your style of hip hop the most?

The most?? The usuals like Jay-z, Nas, Scarface, Kanye West, and Kool G. Rap. But one guy who influenced to me put out this mixtape was Kid Cudi. After hearing his music and seeing he was making music that he liked and not really worried about impressing the whole nation I knew I wanted to continue rapping. I pretty much quit until I heard him, because music was all the same.. “I’m trappin.. this.. bricks that……do this dance move…” It was just boring to me until I finally heard someone make music that wasn’t for everyone, but everyone followed suit because it was good music.

Question Six: Who are you favorite top 5 MCs alive?

1. Jay-Z
2. Eminem
3. Nas
4. Kool G. Rap
5. Fabolous

Question Seven: If you could sign with any artist right now, who would you chose?

I would love to sign to Roc Nation. I sense a new age Roc-A-Fella in the midst.

Question Eight: Is this the only mixtape we are going to get from you or should we expect more?

Oh no expect way more. Right now we are in the promoting stage, but as soon as we get a chance we are hitting the studio and coming up with new material.

Question Nine: What are your next steps in the process to becoming a household name? Or is that not the aim?

Promoting! Marketing is the key to get recognized! The more we promote the more people pay attention.

Question Ten: If you could tell your fans/readers one random fact about you what would it be?

Some may or may not know this about me but I was in the Navy for 4 years. I worked in Admin and just discharged this year. Honorably, of course.


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