WATT Electric Bike

Designed by French designer, Jerome Blanchard, the WATT takes on the role of a city bike, yet much more as well. Beautiful in its simplicity, the WATT electric bicycle uses battery and pedal power to speed through city streets. Jerome Blanchard fit the bike with Drive Shaft Technology, which presumably sends power to the wheels when the biker pedals. There should even be enough spare energy created to power a GPS or phone through an attached USB port, and some gadgets could be compatible with trip information, such as speed, route and location. Meanwhile, an electromagnetic shock absorber keeps the ride smooth, an anti-lock brake system ensures safety, an a special direction access allows for tight handling. All commands of the cycle are simplified and focused on the right hand as well as the axis of fork, on the other hand, the other side is released from all action to let you use your phone, MP3 or GPS while moving through the crowded streets. Too dope.

Honestly, when I ran across this bicycle, I was stunned. The WATT captures a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, all the while utilizing creativity, design, and overall practical use. Honestly, when was the last time you have ran across a bike with so much to offer? Never. I love the idea, but foresee this taking a long while to hit the market. Thoughts?

Be sure to check out more photos of this bike after the break.


2 Responses to WATT Electric Bike

  1. zack115 says:

    Damn too cool

  2. Paul says:

    Very futuristic, great to know its here with us today. It looks very slim and agile, any thoughts on price?

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