S1xt6en & Townez – Are We There Yet Mixtape

Here is something quite refreshing to the ears. With production from The Best Kept Secret and Diamondback Entertainment, S1xt6en and friend, Townez, has just released a brand new mixtape entitled, Are We There Yet (No Gimmicks). S1xt6en, a young aspiring hip hop artist coming from Virgina, teams with Tapemasters Inc. to put out, in my opinion, one of the illest mixtapes in a long while. Recorded and mixed entirely by Bob Ebeling, long time engineer of Kid Rock and Eminem, the two rising hip hop artists capture the sound, quality, content, and essence of real hip hop.

Though some tracks are iller than others from this tape, I cannot pick out a personal favorite as of yet because so many tracks are laced with phenomenal production and quality lyrics. Download the tape below and let me know your thoughts, but as of now, this is a personal favorite mixtape that has come out.

Tapemasters Inc. Presents: S1xt6en & Townez – “Are We There Yet (No Gimmicks)” Mixtape | Media Fire

Also, be sure to check out the official blog of S1xt6en here.

Oh and just so you know, an exclusive interview will be coming this week so that we all get to know S1xt6en that much better.

Check out the rest of the mixtape artwork, full track list, and a personal review after the break.

Personally, I would rate this mixtape an eight out of ten, solely off of lyrics and production. Quite honestly, lyricism and subject matter have fallen off in the realm of hip hop, so it is quite refreshing to hear two up and coming artists prove that they are not going to follow the pack, even if they do not “succeed” in terms of the music industry. As I said earlier, some tracks are better than others, but overall this mixtape is the real deal, so download it and support the movement.

Be sure to check out tracks 10, 11, and 19. Love ’em.


2 Responses to S1xt6en & Townez – Are We There Yet Mixtape

  1. Willie Campbell (YN3) says:

    yeah shit nice i see you doing something positve and good and not wasting the talents you were given.

    Deron which one is your name G

  2. […] Interview with S1xt6en Just as promised, I have an exclusive interview with Virginia’s own, S1xt6en. In the interview, S1xt6en and I […]

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