T.I.P. Drill Mixtape

Yesterday I dropped a few new/exclusive tracks by T.I. with hopes of releasing the entire T.I.P. Drill mixtape as soon as possible. Well today, I ran across the link for it, so I wanted to be able to give it to you all. The tracks on the tape are serious fire, including new/unreleased tracks and classic TIP tracks. Be sure to check ’em out below.

T.I.P. Drill

T.I. – “T.I.P. Drill” Mixtape

You can check out the entire track list after the break, so check it out.

01. Welcome Back To The Trap (Exclusive)
02. Don’t Give Up (Exclusive)
03. That’s What I Thought (Exclusive)
04. All The Time (Feat. Bun B)(Exclusive)
05. Bread Up (Feat. Scarface & Keri Hilson)(Exclusive)
06. Magic (Feat. Robin Thicke)(Exclusive)
07. Make You Sweat
08. All Nite
09. Good Loving (Feat. Mary J Blige)
10. Remember Me (Feat. Mary J.Blige)
11. Way That You Want It
12. Living A Lie
13. Hell Of A Life
14. Big sh*t Poppin
15. What You Know
16. Top Back
17. A.S.A.P.
18. 24’s
19. Lets Get Away


2 Responses to T.I.P. Drill Mixtape

  1. xenophilicx says:

    I downloaded this as soon as I read this post, but was too lazy to unzip the files, hahaha

    I just put them on my ipod though and I have to say, I came back to this post just to say the songs are DOPE!

    Diggin’ them.

    • Levi says:

      For sure, lazy, ha. I loved the tracks for this mixtape.
      PS. I would have never pinned you to be the T.I. fan. Kudos.

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