The Ping Pong Door

Designed by Tobias Fränzel, the ping pong door functions just like any ordinary door except there’s an inner panel that flips down to make a ping pong table; pop the plastic net on and get your paddles ready. The only requirements are the adjacent rooms have enough room for you to play in. However, the only downside is that one side of the door looks normal while the other is bright green, but nonetheless the ping pong door is an amazing invention.

The Ping Pong Door

Honestly, this is one of the cooler inventions that I have seen in a while. Plus, it is entirely practical for all homes and offices. This is one of those items that make you realize we still have a lot more things to invent. It seems so obvious and yet it took this long for someone to come up with this. This is creativity and innovation at its finest. Thoughts?

Check out more photos of the ping pong door after the break.

The Ping Pong Door

The Ping Pong Door

The Ping Pong Door


One Response to The Ping Pong Door

  1. margauxhf says:

    Cool idea! I think this might be the most fun door I’ve ever seen.

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