Nike’s “Buzz Lightyear” Backpack

Sometimes colorful combinations can get out of control, but this Eugene Backpack from Nike Skateboarding is a good balance of colors and features. Inspired by one of Toy Story’s main characters, Buzz Lightyear, the colors of the bag is taken from the characters body. On the functional side, this bag is packed with pockets and compartments for cell phones, iPods, bottles, pens, skateboard and much more. There are probably more zips on this bag than any other on the market and there are ample padding for maximum comfort. The shoulder straps are detachable, which means they can be washed to keep hygiene levels high, and there are plenty of reflective fabrics on the backpack for safety.

Eugene “Buzz Lightyear” Backpack

As I mentioned above, some times a bag with this many different colors can get out of hand, but this “Buzz Lightyear” pack is an exception. Honestly, this is one of the dopest bags that I have featured on this blog, and one of the illest bags that I have seen in a very long time. I am a fan of the colors used, the design, the pocket placements, and the utilitarian aspect. Kudos Nike for this bag, you have scored again.

Go ahead and check out more photos of the “Buzz Lightyear” bag from Nike after the break.

Eugene “Buzz Lightyear” Backpack

Eugene “Buzz Lightyear” Backpack

Eugene “Buzz Lightyear” Backpack


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