Nooka x Undrcrwn “Zenv” Watch

Nooka’s latest timepiece collaboration is with basketball focused brand UNDRCRWN. This watch utilizes the popular ZENV display style and features a black aluminum face, atop a fun and colorful polyurethane band. The Nooka x UNDRCRWN ZENV Watch was produced in a limited run of 200 pieces and sells for $275, so if you want one, you better get on the move. These watches are available now, so check ’em out.

Nooka Zenv Watch

As I have mentioned before, Nooka is one of the better watch companies in terms of design, creativity, and originality. Honestly, this timepiece, with UNDRCRWN, just does it for me. This watch with UNDRCRWN is quite the collaboration because, in my opinion, the design, the colorway, and the aesthetics that Nooka is known for are absolutely amazing. Out of the other Nooka watches featured on here, this collaboration has been my favorite. Thoughts?

Make sure to check out another detailed photo of the watch after the break.

Nooka Zenv Watch


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