HTC Hero Smartphone

Smartphone makers HTC introduce their third Android-based phone, entitled the HTC Hero. The touchscreen-infused device continues the momentum of Google’s Android operating system with a few added features, including: a 3.2-inch display, GPS, digital compass, 5-megapixel auto focus camera and expandable MicroSD memory. The HTC Hero will also have an anti-fingerprint coating on the screen for smudge resistance and a Teflon coating on the exterior. Aside from those small details, the Hero will also become the first Android phone to support Adobe Flash, integrating the upcoming Flash Player 10. Other features include Twitter feeds, weather data, email/calendar widgets and a universal search functionality that looks through emails, contact list and other information. The HTC Hero looks to make itself available in Europe this July and Asia later in the Summer. North American will see a release in the latter part of 2009, although price points have not be confirmed, nor providers.

HTC Hero Smartphone

Seriously, the HTC Hero is absolutely bonkers to me. The features paired with the aesthetics paired with the sleek design make for a very nice phone, giving quite the competition to the prominent iPhone. If this comes out through Verizon, I will be snatching it up. Are you feeling this phone?

Also, be sure to check out more detailed photos of HTC’s Hero smartphone after the break.

HTC Hero Smartphone

HTC Hero Smartphone

HTC Hero Smartphone


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