Boombox GelaSkins

Photographer Lyle Owerko’s Boombox series for GelaSkins is the latest graphic tributes to the giant stereos that ruled the ’80s. His take on the trend has resulted in a range of reverent images printed on GelaSkin’s removable adhesives that feature scratch and UV-resistant coating to keep iPhones, laptops, and a wide variety of other devices intact while looking sharp.

While Owerko’s own nostalgia for the portable stereos stems from memories of heavy metal, punk and ska, his video with Fab Five Freddy for NPR Music explores the history of boomboxes to explain the stereo’s affect on all genres.

Boombox GelaSkin

Lyle Owerko’s creativity and talent have amounted to one of the more innovative GelaSkins that I have ever seen. Honestly, the design to this is pretty dope and I would not mind having it for my iPod, seeing that mine is becoming quite scratched. What are your thoughts?

Check out more Boombox GelaSkins by Lyle Owerko after the break.

Boombox GelaSkin

Boombox GelaSkin

Boombox GelaSkin


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