KR3W “Halo” Watch

Not only does KR3W design some great apparel, their accessories are pretty dope as well. Take a look at their new “Halo” Watch, which sports a nice rubber band and features a unique way of time-telling. Also, check out the week days lit up down the side, creating a very nice touch.

KR3W “Halo” Watch

Ohemgee, this watch in crazy. I absolutely love this watch by Kr3w because it sports a luxurious, yet casual aesthetic. Out of the three colorways, red, black, and white, white seems to have most of my attention. Though I love the red and black colorways, I love the white because it has a very fresh and clean look to it.

Choose from red, white, or black and pre-order through CCS for approximately $80.

Also, be sure to check out more photos of Kr3w’s Halo Watch after the break.

KR3W “Halo” Watch

KR3W “Halo” Watch


3 Responses to KR3W “Halo” Watch

  1. xenophilicx says:

    Those look so sweet! I think I’m going to get my boyfriend one. I love the white one.

  2. mrlevilorenzyo says:

    I agree. Plus, they are only $79 dollars, which is not entirely bad considering that Kr3w makes some pretty awesome watches. I think that the white one is the best by far, but red is pretty cool too.

  3. anthrocyte says:

    These watches are dope! I heard there is a YELLOW version too.

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