ATO – Baseball High Trainer

A new Baseball High Trainer from ATO has caught my eyes with a simple, yet creative design. These high-top trainers have a similar shape to the Chuck Taylor high-tops, but don a leather upper, unlike traditional canvas Chuck Taylor’s. Some additional details such as a velcro heel-patch which hides a silver heel zip give the trainers an edgy twist. The white soles feature classic red and blue pipping along the sides and the front retains classic lace-up fastening. The bottom of the rubber soles are marked with an engraved “ATO” logo.

ATO - Baseball High Trainer

For some reason, I absolultely love these sneakers shown above, partially because they sport the classic Chuck Taylor look, and partially because of the velcro back. These sneakers need to enter into my rotation because they are pretty dope, if you ask me. Personally, I think I prefer the velcro back to the original. What are your thoughts?

Check out more photos of the ATO Baseball High Trainer after the break.

ATO - Baseball High Trainer

ATO - Baseball High Trainer

ATO - Baseball High Trainer


One Response to ATO – Baseball High Trainer

  1. xenophilicx says:

    That reminds me of the old school Chuck high tops I had way back in middle school.

    Those are hot.

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