Paraboot Deck Shoes

More deck shoes on the market, but this time I am taking a look at France’s Paraboot. I absolutely love that they’re waterproof as well as handmade and handstitched, making them some of the more organic boat shoes that I have featured on here. These deck shoes from Paraboot, coming in a black/white colorway and a brown/white colorway, are classy, yet comfortable.

Paraboot Deck Shoes

More boat shoes? Yes. It seems like they just keep coming, doesn’t it? Well, after seeing many companies putting forth their best effort to create a solid pair of boat shoes, I have become a harder critic to impress. I have seen more boat shoes being put out lately, but nothing that was too impressive, except for this pair from Paraboot. I love the white sole, white stitching, and the solid black/brown upper. These sleek and stylish boat shoes are some of the best out. Thoughts?

Check out more detailed photos of the Paraboot Boat shoes after the break.

Paraboot Deck Shoes

Paraboot Deck Shoes

Paraboot Deck Shoes


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