Nixon Rubber Player Yellow Colorway

After releasing blue, red, and green rubber versions of their iconic Player Watch in March, April, and May respectively, this eye-catching canary yellow timepiece represents the fourth and final color in Nixon’s 4 x 4 Rubber Player series, and are we sad. Having established a considerable level of hype already, and limiting the release to 4 watches per retailer, this is sure to be a quick seller.

Available June 15th at and participating Nixon dealers for a price of $225, so check ’em out.

Nixon Rubber Player | Yellow Colorway

As I mentioned before, the Rubber Player watches by Nixon are very impressive. Nixon, known for the eloquent aesthetics, have delivered once again in the fourth and final colorway of the Rubber Player watch series. I absolutely love this watch, and of the four, it is my favorite because it is bold, yet simple. Regardless of if this is for you or not, you must admit that Nixon did it again. Thoughts?


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