T.I.’s Rebirth

Before hitting the slammer, the biggest rapper in jail got melodramatic over some heavy guitar riffs and live drums on Live My Life Alone, one of two new T.I. tracks featured on ATLiens: The Mixtape. Without a bar in sight, T.I.’s delivery is more James Hetfield than Clifford Harris, but believe it or not, it works. His track record is heavy in comparison to Wayne’s, which leaves only the ATLien with topics to fully and emotionally bellow out.

For those non-appreciative, please check out T.I.’s The Way You Want It where he raps “Who would have thought I’d emerge from the ruins and the wreckage/even better than I was before the automatic weapons.” T.I. has learned from his past experiences/mistakes and is using them to teach the younger generation, as well as his peers, that violence is not the way to go.

T.I. & Andre 3000

These two new/unreleased joints from T.I. come off ATLiens: The Mixtape, which I’m currently uploading and will have for you soon. The Way You Want It is another record that was written and recorded with his thoughts of going to prison while Live My Life Alone is on a completely new sound. Check out both songs and stay tuned for the mixtape.

T.I. – “Live My Life Alone”

T.I. – “The Way You Want It”


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