Apple iPhone 3GS

Apple officially unveiled their new iPhone 3GS today, at the company’s annual developers conference. Apple will debut in the new iPhone in stores on June 19th, making many Apple and AT&T users very pleased. The iPhone 3GS offers a variety of features iPhone enthusiasts have been craving for, including a faster processor that runs applications at twice the current speed, auto-focus 3MP camera, video feature, voice control, 9 hours of web surfing battery life, and digital compass amongst many other features. Available in two different colorways, black or white, the iPhone 3GS will come in a 16 GB version running for $199 and 32 GB version for $299.

Apple iPhone 3GS

I really do wish that Apple would extend their iPhone to Verizon users, but I do not forsee that happening any time soon. Though I love my Blackberry Curve, I would easily drop it in order to purchase the new iPhone 3GS. What do you think about the new iPhone? Overrated?

Check out more detailed photos of the new iPhone after the break.

Apple iPhone 3GS

Apple iPhone 3GS


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