Just Because

This made me laugh, so I wanted to just share it with you. Enjoy.

Marvel vs. Disney

5 Responses to Just Because

  1. iammeemz says:


  2. Jay Ballz says:

    Aquaman & Green lantern are not Marvel.

  3. thedude3445 says:

    Hucklberry,bugs,daffy,popeye,are not disney… -_-‘

    • JJthecartoongeek says:

      Nope, nither is Felix the cat. Plus on the superhero team I see the DC owned chatacters of Aquaman, the Flash, Green lantern, and Hawkman. I found this under Marvel vs Disney, but maybe the artist meant for it to be toons vs Superheroes. And for some reason, Mickey the only toon character brave enough to stand up to the superheroes, even more so than Popeye.

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