Futura Font Logo Bag

Futura Laboratories has released a new “Futura Font Logo” backpack. This dope bag comes in black and red with two large front zippers and the logo print at the bottom. The Futura Laboratories “Futura Font Logo” backpacks are now available at the FL Shop, so go check ’em out.

Futura Font Logo Backpack

I have to say that when I ran across these bags, I was truly impressed with the dope design. Outside of the fact that I absolutely love the colorways, the design of the bag is pretty fresh. The logo print at the bottom mixed with zippers on the front mixed with the actual size of the bag makes for a dope backpack. Personally, I am bigger fan of the all black, but the red bag is very bold, which is very good in design, ha. Yay? Nay?


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