Nooka x Supremebeing Watch

Nooka and Supremebeing have come together to create a vibrant new collaboration in the form of a watch. This model includes the fun streetwear aesthetic with the Nooka Zot-style face. The Supremebeing logo is printed on a polyurethane band and aluminum case in a bold pink, yellow, and blue. Only 200 pieces will be released this month, so if you are serious about getting one, you better jump on it. This watch is a very dope summer watch due to its loud colors and vibrant aesthetics.

Nooka x Supremebeing Watch

This watch is pretty dope if you ask me. Nooka and Supremebeing collaborating is just fire. It seems pretty unusual, but you must admit that the face and band of the watch have a killer dope design. Thoughts?


One Response to Nooka x Supremebeing Watch

  1. […] while back, I introduced to you a collaboration between Nooka and Supremebeing. Well ever since then, I have been on the look out for Nooka watch line ups. Well, this series is […]

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