10.Deep x Kid Cudi

Last year, 10.Deep introduced the world to Kid Cudi through their 10.Deep Presents: A Kid Named Cudi Mixtape, produced by Plain Pat and Emile. Well, lately it looks like his flow seems to have entranced everyone from Honolulu to Manchester, scoring him famed notoriety, a label deal, and his own upcoming TV series (more details on that later). In support of Mr. Solo Dolo and his meteoric rise amidst a failing record industry, 10.Deep is re-releasing the highly requested Kid Cudi “Up There” t-shirt, a premium shirt introduced with the release of the mixtape last year. The shirt’s design is very symbolic when speaking about the self-proclaimed “Moon Man.”

10.Deep Kid Cudi “Up There” Tee

I must admit, I do love this t-shirt. The simplicity in the design, yet the symbolism behind it, makes the shirt a hit for me. The lime green “Up There” script mixed with the 10.Deep logo at the bottom mixed with the moon, stars, and black undertone makes this shirt a have to get. Though it is not the greatest t-shirt to be designed, it is pretty dope. What are your thoughts on this t-shirt?


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