Stay Safe With ACNE

After I ran across this sweater by ACNE, I had one of those moments, where you say, “I could have come up with that,” but the fact is, I didn’t, so I will give ACNE credit for a pretty dope sweater, granted, I would probably have never found a safety pin as heavy duty and highly polished as the one ACNE adorned its black sweater with. Nonetheless, ACNE has made this sweater and I wanted to post on it because I do, in fact, like it.

ACNE Safety Sweater

The ACNE Safety Sweater plays with the classic preppy knit cardigan by updating the old-school silhouette with an oversized safety pin in place of trite buttons. This sweater has a classic fit and will look effortlessly stylish thrown over graphic tees or plaid shirts with the shirt cuffs folded over the sweater cuffs. Easily worn with a plaid button up and some dark denim, this sweater can make or break an outfit.

Check out more photos of this sweater after the jump.

ACNE Safety Sweater

ACNE Safety Sweater

ACNE Safety Sweater

ACNE Safety Sweater

ACNE Safety SweaterACNE Safety SweaterACNE Safety Sweater


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