Sinatra x Scorsese

Eeek, this news made me really excited, so naturally, I had to share it with you all to hopefully inspire some excitement.

Frank Sinatra.

According to Variety, Martin Scorsese has been set to produce and direct Sinatra, a biopic based on the legendary entertainer from New Jersey. Although there is not an actor set to play the leader of the infamous Rat Pack yet, to me, due to retrospect, it seems Leonardo DiCaprio would be the obvious choice, as he has become the go to man of Scorsese’s premiers over the past decade. With the film still in pre-pre-production, no release date has been set.

With all the baggage Sinatra carried, including ties to Marilyn Monroe, The Kennedy’s and the Giacanna mafia family, Scorsese should be able to turn this film into a dramatic masterpiece worthy of Frankie’s legendary name. And the appropriate ending of this would of course be…owww.


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