Moncler’s Blouson Jacket

Woah, woah, woah, hold on for a moment and just check out this jacket. The style, design, and concept of this jacket is super duper premiere, in my opinion. To me, this is a go to jacket when in doubt. It is simple yet classic enough for everyday use for pretty much any occasion, and is now available online at Browns. If you do not buy it, at least check it out, ha.

Moncler - Summer 2009 - Blouson Jacket

What started out as a mountaineering and winter sports gear company for Moncler in 1952 made its strut on catwalks and has now marked its spot in the fashion industry with hip and functionally innovative jacket. For this upcoming summer, Moncler maintains its tradition in creating easy to wear pieces with a lighter puffy blouson jacket, in style of the classic bomber for the unpredictable summer weather. This sporty navy number has a knit collar with four pockets to hold all your possible belongings and also adds an utilitarian touch to this casual jacket, for all you functionality junkies. The hemline and elastic knit trims on cuffs have contrasting white stripes to brighten up the jacket.

Goodness, check out more photos of the blouson jacket after the jump.

Moncler - Summer 2009 - Blouson JacketMoncler - Summer 2009 - Blouson Jacket


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